Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
 Posted By:  haowawa
 Date of Info:  06/29/2021
 Date Posted:  06/30/2021
Status Update
Due to heavy rains in the past few days, the creek is deeper and wider. The path to Upper TH requires a ATV or jeep. I saw regular cars/SUVs parking at the lower TH or stopped in the mid-way.

Comments or Questions
06/30/2021 08:42
Just curious why a full size truck with clearance wouldn't make it right now if they have in the past? Just looking for more details... not being smart lol thanks!

07/08/2022 16:59
I was looking at some of the videos on youtube of the alpine loop trails in preparation for our recent trip and there is a noticeable difference in the road conditions pre- and post-covid. Sounds like post-covid the roads in the area have all deteriorated. Some of the deterioration is due to increased UTV traffic, and probably just more traffic overall. Some of it due to very heavy periods of rain/ runoff, and also the county hasn't been able to keep up the road maintenance to the level they were able to in the past. All of this means that any existing ruts have deepened, a lot of new ruts were formed, and also many more rocks and rock fins are exposed on the road now.

With this specific trail it was easier a few years ago, and now it is a bit trickier to take a full size pickup to the upper TH- Certainly not impossible, but just need to take it a bit slower and have a good line or spotter in some parts. Some of the switchbacks have gotten more rutted which really limits your options through those (even more so in a long wheel base) and in general the deeper ruts increases the likelihood of high-centering a long pickup or just scraping it up more on some rocks. We have an F250 on 37's with the 'short' 6.7ft bed, and there is a dramatic difference between our pickup versus a 4 door wrangler in regards to line choice, maneuverability, and the amount of 'pinstriping' down the side of the vehicle as some of these trail increase in difficulty and become more technical. Hope this helps you out!

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