Trailhead:  Argentine Pass
Front Range
 Posted By:  madmattd
 Date of Info:  08/14/2021
 Date Posted:  08/14/2021
Status Update
This road shouldn't be ranked a 3 imo... definitely don't need 4WD and clearance isn't all that critical either. A "2" feels right based on other similar rated roads I've driven. Based on my experience here last year I had no qualms driving my ~6" clearance 2WD wagon all the way to the parking lot. A Mini Cooper pulled in shortly after me... Most other vehicles there today were your usual AWD crossovers, trucks, etc. The road is bumpy with rocks and small potholes all over, the last stretch from the road fork (for Penn. Mine) to the TH is the worst. You're going to go slow no matter what vehicle you drive, but moderate clearance is sufficient as long as you know how to pick a line here and there.

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