Trailhead:  Wetterhorn Basin
 Posted By:  docjohn
 Date of Info:  08/17/2021
 Date Posted:  08/17/2021
Status Update
Lo and behold! The forest service has indeed done a partial repair on the 4WD section as of 8/13. The excavator was parked lower down on the good dirt road. Not only that, but the parking area is flattened (but not level) with a rock berm to close off the meadows from ATVs, etc.
I think they responded to the cattlemen in the area because at least twenty head of moo cows were loitering about, and everyone knows the cattlemen need to get their trucks into the wilderness! (However the forest folks will not listen to those of us who wish to walk in the wilderness! I have complained to various functionaries about lack of just basic care of roads over the years to no avail.)
BTW I think the mud holes will reopen soon because there was no drainage constructed!!

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