Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
 Posted By:  swesleyc7
 Date of Info:  09/10/2021
 Date Posted:  09/27/2021
Status Update
Be advised: this trail should be rated "5", not "4". For contrast, the Crestone's South Colony Lakes 4WD trailhead is also rated "4", but a stock Subaru Forester can drive to the 4WD trailhead without issue. Not this. It is highly advisable to drive with 8.5"+ of ground clearance, skid plates, 4WD with a locking differential and good condition off-road tires. All-season tires will not do. Ground clearance from rocks isn't the issue - it's the very deep gullies in the road, canted angles, river crossings, and sharp corners that will give anyone but competent 4WD owners trouble.

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