Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
 Posted By:  TwoMeterTrophy
 Date of Info:  10/08/2021
 Date Posted:  10/09/2021
Status Update
Read lots of reports and still wasn't quite sure what to expect, so here's my take. I was driving a stock 2020 Tacoma Off-Road, double cab with long bed, and stock tires. The first half of the road is similar to other "4" trailheads like South Colony, Grizzly Gulch, etc. I did this section in 2WD and dodged most of the rocks. After this section come three major 4WD obstacles:
#1: The creek crossing. The exit is a sharp left uphill turn with a big rock in the middle and one on the inside of the turn. This was not that bad at all going up but this was the sketchiest section on the way back down. Enough clearance to clear the middle rock would make this much easier.
#2: A steep banked, left switchback with a deep ditch in the middle. I was able to straddle the ditch by getting my left tire on the bank but a high clearance front bumper was key for that move.
#3: A final steep left switchback with two big rocks in the middle. This is where I bailed, leaving a 1.3 mile hike to the upper TH (but not much more elevation gaining). If you can make it through this one, it's an easy cruise the rest of the way.
A shorter wheelbase would definitely make all of these obstacles easier, but I'd still call it a 4+. As others have said, 4WD experience is highly encouraged and the more capable your vehicle, the more peace of mind you'll have along the way.
Would/will I do it again? No.

Comments or Questions
10/09/2021 11:03
I was the passenger. This is an excellent description and very accurate. I was also confused with what to expect. Having good 4WD experience is a big factor in navigating this road and agree with everything TwoMeterTrophy wrote.

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