Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
 Posted By:  goingup
 Date of Info:  05/22/2022
 Date Posted:  05/22/2022
Status Update
I give this road a 0 out of 10 but it is completely passable to the upper 4WD lot and the bathroom is snow free and fully stocked. Beware, it is a bad bad road, would rather use my 4WD legs.

Comments or Questions
05/23/2022 21:47
Was there much snow on the way to the summit?

05/25/2022 08:06
I did a few 13ers, not Uncompagrhe. There was still snow leading up to the summit from what I could see. But overall it's pretty dry out there.

two lunches
05/26/2022 15:32
i think it would be helpful if you shared what you were driving and what your experience is with offroading if you're going to make a "0/10" comment about a road many of us didn't have any issues with...

Creek Crossings
05/27/2022 10:39
How bad are the creek crossings right now? Planning to go up tomorrow. What kind of ground clearance did you make it up with? Thanks for the update!

05/28/2022 23:01
Oh, I am so sorry this update wasn't good or specific enough for you. I drove up in a wood paneled 2002 PT Cruiser and I have no experience with off roading, I just kind of sent it but didn't really enjoy it very much. But since you "didn't have any issues with this road," I am not really sure the purpose of your comment.

05/28/2022 23:04
We did not go up all the way because we were going off the last update which said the road was blocked by a snow drift and a downed tree. So we walked from the same place d_baker did but all that was gone. It is probably even drier and clearer now. The creeks were ripping but any 4WD capable vehicle with ground clearance should be able to get up. I just think the road is completely miserable and I would hate to be coming down when other people are going up. I have a 4runner and I would choose to walk this road. (That being said, the upper part of the road is actually in pretty good condish but you have to get through all of the miserable stuff down low).

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