Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
 Posted By:  globreal
 Date of Info:  06/13/2022
 Date Posted:  06/19/2022
Status Update
The road is clear of debris. Drove all the way to the end of the 4x4 road to the Nellie Creek TH in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Lower all wheel drive vehicles like Subaru Outbacks are probably better off staying at the Hensen Creek Road and wouldn't recommend without a true 4x4. However, I didn't think this road was a bad as some of the previous reports.

Comments or Questions
Nellie Creek
06/19/2022 20:07
How was the switchback where one crosses the creek and switches back sharply to the left on the opposite bank with the huge rock in the middle? I read it was getting much worse at the end of last summer. I have a 6 cylinder 4wd Toyota Tacoma with access cab and 6 foot bed.

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