Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
 Posted By:  sibetribe
 Date of Info:  07/29/2022
 Date Posted:  07/31/2022
Status Update
My crew made it up on Friday afternoon in a 4Runner (no lift). There was one other car, also a 4Runner, at the upper TH. This a true 4x4 road. This weekend was rainy, muddy, and bad on traction. I cannot speak for the person with the sedan below, but in my perspective I wouldn't risk it w/o a high clearance 4wd vehicle. This road has the same difficulty as South Colony, but Id say it is much worse on Nellie. 2 fairly bad spots: after the first creek crossing & a tight switchback with big rocks + a huge dip in b/w. A great tip someone has mentioned on this page: ride the rock, dont cradle it.

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