Trailhead:  Nellie Creek
 Posted By:  pbergmaier
 Date of Info:  08/12/2022
 Date Posted:  08/15/2022
Status Update
Just concurring with a previous report about there being two bad spots. Right after the creek crossing there's a tricky rock you need to clear. The toughest part for me was getting sufficient traction from the rear wheels as they were wet and spun a bit in the soft gravel next to the creek. Took about 3 tries before the front wheels finally pulled me up. If tires were dry, it wouldn't be as difficult. The other spot, as mentioned before, was on one of the tight switchbacks farther up after the second creek crossing. A couple big rocks in the road and an awkward approach angle on the switchback turn. Riding the left tires up and over the middle rock (and stacking a ramp of smaller rocks underneath) did the trick.

I was driving an unlifted Jeep Grand Cherokee, 9.5" clearance everywhere except the rear diff, which is at a little over 8". I never scraped, although I did have someone spotting me for the two crux sections. That was very helpful, if not absolutely necessary. The rest of the road was pretty normal 4WD stuff IMO.

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