Evans Summit Lake Trailhead


Range: Front Range
Coordinates: 39.59882, -105.64039
14ers: Mt. Evans, Mt. Bierstadt
Elevation: 12,850'
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Road Difficulty

Paved Road 0   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD paved to the TH.

Driving Directions

Take Exit 240 at Idaho Springs on Interstate 70. Drive south on Colorado 103 for 13.5 miles to Echo Lake. Show your reservation and drive 9 miles up the Mt. Evans road (Colorado 5) to the signed Summit Lake parking area.

Winter Access

Closed at Echo Lake Lodge.

More Info

Parking: Reservation required - see notes.
Camping: No camping on the Evans road.
Restrooms? Yes
Fees? Yes
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Status Updates 
Posted By: SoCool
Info: Apparently the Mt. Evans Rd is closed (to cars) at Echo Lake as of 9/22/14, which is somewhat earlier than normal. There are places on the CDOT website showing it open to Summit Lake, and dry conditions- this is wrong.
Posted By: SoCool
Info: Mt. Evans Road regulations have seen many changes lately. I observed the following: need cash only, exact change, "half price" right now, which I guess is $5 instead of the normal $10. But I didn‘t pay anything, I drove in after the booths were closed, road is open all night. The fee seems somewhat optional depending on your destination? The road is gated closed at Summit Lake, summit is only accessible on foot. There are new signs to pay $5 at Summit Lake self serve kiosk, administered by City of Denver. I didn‘t pay this either, I turned around and drove 0.3 miles back to a large dirt parking lot. Nobody bothered me sleeping there, no tickets on the dash late afternoon after hike.
Posted By: Urban Snowshoer
Info: The road to up Mount Evans is very much open in it’s entirety to the summit, though my bicycle ride had to be aborted a few miles beyond Echo Lake due to high winds.

I saw signs indicating an upcoming closure of the road in a few days; the road is going to be closed June 16-18 (next Monday to Wednesday), apparently for maintenance work.
Posted By: jsdratm
Info: Here is a picture of the rockfall that closed the Mt. Evans road. Not too bad, but I could see someone being distracted by the scenery and running into it.
Posted By: scramble
Info: It was closed from echo lake today even though cotrip.com said it was only closed from summit lake to the top
Posted By: Nelson
Info: The mt. Evans road is closed at Summit Lake. This adds 2 plus miles and 500 vertical feet on to Tour d‘Abyss each way.
Posted By: Benji the Hunted
Info: Road still closed at Echo Lake, but is easily walkable without traction and if you are willing to portage 3-4 sections you can even bike to the top.
Posted By: wattsup
Info: Evan‘s road is closed at the Echo lake lodge. Some fun snowshoeing up to treeline though.
Posted By: Nelson
Info: The road is open all the way to the summit parking lot. Be prepared to see fat people, children and dogs as you summit!
Posted By: reverette13
Info: According to www.mountevans.com and the Clear Creek Ranger station, the Mt. Evans Rd. opened this morning up to Summit Lake. Planning on finding out for ourselves tomorrow...
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Mt. Evans Road closed for the winter.
Posted By: Slow Moving Fun Seeker
Info: The Mt. Evans Road from Echo Lake to the summit (and Summit Lake) was closed for the season on Monday, October 4, 2010, presumably to reopen Memorial Day 2011.
Posted By: crossfitter
Info: Mt. Evans road is open all the way to the summit
Posted By: Marcos
Info: Mount Evans Highway closed to vehicle traffic from 9 PM Friday July 17 to 1 PM Saturday July 18 for the Annual Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb.
Posted By: Marcos
Info: Mount Evans Highway closed Tue/Wed/Thu during July 14 - 30.

CLEAR CREEK COUNTY - The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will be closing the Mount Evans Highway - State Highway 5 - on weekdays in July for road repairs. The entire 15 miles of the Mount Evans Highway will be closed to all traffic from the SH 103 junction at Echo Lake to the summit on the following days:

Wednesday, July 8 and Thursday, July 9
Tuesday, July 14 through Thursday - July 16
Tuesday, July 21 through Thursday - July 23
Tuesday, July 28 through Thursday - July 30

If adverse weather impacts the schedule, additional closure days may be required. CDOT will send out an update if more work days are needed. Repairs include leveling the roadway in areas where frost heave has lifted the asphalt surface and stabilizing numerous shoulder segments. Road closure information is available at all times on the cotrip.org website or by calling 511.
Posted By: corinthia
Info: Evans Road is open to the summit.
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Highway 5 (Mt. Evans Road) usually opens to Summit Lake in late May. Then, it‘s usually a week or more before the road is open to the summit.
Posted By: Mountain Woman
Info: Closed 9 miles from Summit Lake, at the turn off from HWY 103.
Posted By: interarma
Info: Rangers have closed the road 3 miles back from the trail head. Must hike along the asphalt road.
Posted By: geno71
Info: Easy up about 1/2 mile before Summit Lake. There it starts to get really bumpy without warning. Look out for cars slowing down.
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Open to the top.
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Open to Summit Lake but may be closed for short periods due to adverse weather.
Posted By: ColderThanDryIce
Info: Road is closed. There is a barricade of snow about 10 feet high blocking the last leg of the trip. This is located 9 miles from Summit Lake. The road is decently plowed and easy to get up to this point. Echo lake is accessible, but i wouldn‘t recommend using it due to the amount of snow.
Posted By: lordhelmut
Info: Watch out for the road to all of s sudden get real bumpy and rought right before Summit Lake, I was cruisin at about 40mph and then all of a sudden the road got real shitty, almost rutted out, if they are going to charge 10$, they should atleast put a warning sign up or somethin, nearly lost my front end (actually its already lost).
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: The road is now open to the summit.
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