French Creek Trailhead


Range: Sawatch Range

Road Difficulty

2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Highly modified 4WD vehicles can drive further up the Holy Cross City 4WD Road.

Driving Directions

From the US 24-Interstate 70 intersection, drive 12.6 miles south on US 24 to Homestake Road (FS 703, Gold Park Road). Follow Homestake Road 8.0 miles to FS 704. Turn right onto FS 704 and continue for an additional 2.3 miles to FS 727. Turn right onto FS 727 and continue for an additional 1.0 miles. Turn right at the fork and continue for an additional 0.8 miles. Turn left at the fork at continue to the road's end an additional 0.2 miles further. This is the French Creek Trailhead and is at 10,320 feet. Only highly modified four wheel drive vehicles should attempt to drive the Holy Cross City Four Wheel Drive Road.

Winter Access

Status Updates 
Posted By: Chicago Transplant
Info: Note: The FS is replacing the culvert at French Creek on the main Homestake Road, which is before the turnoff to Missouri Lakes between 9/20 and 10/1. They will be constructing a bypass for the work zone, but expect possible delays. This is near the lower start to the Holy Cross City road:
Posted By: tauma
Info: The road is easy 4WD all the way and the previously washed out bridge has been rebuilt.

Modified vehicles can drive 3.2 miles further but....
Posted By: SnowAlien
Info: The road is in good conditions up to the "Road Damage" sign, about a mile up after Fancy/Missouri creek TH. Immediately after the sign there is a big icy spot on the road, turning the road into a sledding hill, so I didn‘t risk it. After the obstacle, the road is mostly dry for another mile to the proper summer TH.
Posted By: TravelingMatt
Info: As of tomorrow, Nov. 30, Homestake Road (FS 703) will be gated .4 miles from the US 24 junction. (Gate was actually up today but a ranger noticed my car at a TH and so didn‘t lock it yet. ) This closes off the Missouri Creek, Fancy Creek, French Creek and Hunky Dory THs and the Holy Cross City 4x4 road. FWIW, Homestake Road was mostly dry and Missouri Creek Road (FS 704) was mostly snowpacked but easily drivable. There is no gate on Missouri Creek Road, so when Homestake opens back up the only thing obstructing the THs would be snowdrifts.
Posted By: TravelingMatt
Info: It is possible to ford french creek with a high-clearance vehicle even though the bridge is out. The limiting factor is going down to and coming back up from the creekbed, not the actual crossing itself (which was about 4-5" max today). A skilled 2wd car driver may be able to make it to the creek on FS 727, but it is definitely rougher than the other roads. Subarus should be OK fording with care. The mileages in Roach’s books seem to be high by two or three tenths.
Posted By: sunny1
Info: The Forest Service has closed access for the French Creek, Fancy Creek, Missouri Lake TH‘s d/t flooding - the road is impassable. There is an approx 8 ft wide and 4 ft deep torrent of water running through this.
Right now, with Tigiwon Rd closed for the summer, the only access for Mt of the HC is via the Holy Cross Jeep Rd, which requires a highly modified 4 WD. VERY rough.
To walk up to Hunky Dory TH via the Holy Cross Jeep Rd and on to Mt of the HC measures approx 17 mi r/t.
Call the White River/Holy Cross Forest Service office in Minturn for access updates before heading out.

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