Marshall Pass Trailhead


Range: Sawatch Range
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Road Difficulty

2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Access to Mt Ouray's West Ridge and other routes from Gray's Creek Trailhead

Driving Directions

From the U.S. 50/285 junction in Poncha Springs, drive approx. 5.5 miles south on U.S. 285 and turn right on the Marshall Pass road (FS 200, dirt). Follow the signs for Marshall Pass and drive 13.5 miles to reach the Marshall Pass trailhead.

Winter Access

Status Updates 
Posted By: maxavanzi
Info: Marshall pass road is completely open and dry. Any 2WD can make it to the pass.
Posted By: summit2sea
Info: Dry and dusty on the main road, aspens are starting to change. Word of warning, if you are driving up at night with a dog (kid?) that needs attention in the back, make sure you don’t miss that turn up FS200. Good signage, but right after that turn there is another sign pointing towards a road that will take you up to Marshal Pass via a HC 4WD road (203). Not a problem for stock 4Runner, but a little more difficult in the dark. If you find yourself literally driving up a stream because "The road is flooded", you might want to turn back and find 200.
Posted By: spoony
Info: Road is in good shape to the trailhead. Dry and dusty.
Posted By: overthe59hill
Info: Had slight trouble finding the 200C spur. Look on the right of the road as approaching another trail head (not Marshall Pass trail head). You can see the cabin from the road. The road is easy enough for a sedan.
Posted By: Zambo
Info: Marshall Pass is open and in great shape from the Salida side all the way to the summit. I’m unsure about beyond that, but we heard reports it was open as well.
Posted By: Flyingfish
Info: Open and in good conditions for the Gunnison side
Posted By: ma1919
Info: The road is in great shape from the Poncha side, better than almost all of the roads listed as "Easy 2WD." Almost as good as it can get without being paved. It’s well graded all the way to the top of the pass with a half dozen or so short (100 ft or so) bumpy sections (no clearance issues, you’ll just want to slow down a little). I couldn’t tell for sure if the road was open from the Gunnison side, but it looked clear from Mt. Ouray.
Posted By: cloudkicker
Info: The road is clear to the top from the Salida side and in summer condition. It’s still closed from the Gunnison side.
Posted By: RWinters
Info: Road is passable to within 1.5 miles of the pass. My best guess is that is still needs about 2 weeks. It is solid snow the last 0.5 to the pass with depths of 2-3 feet. The pic is just off the road.
Posted By: Chicago Transplant
Info: Road is still open and snow free all the way to the pass, we drove from the east side. There is some construction near the pass, a crew is replacing a natural gas line. They were about 1 mile below the pass on Saturday evening but not working on Sunday. Not sure what the schedule is on that project, so you may have to stop short of the pass if they are not finished.
Posted By: Reg0928
Info: Road open and clear all the way from the east (Highway 285) side
Posted By: jeffth5
Info: Clear and dry. Hidden gem for aspen fall color - just starting to get good.
Posted By: GregMiller
Info: Access still good, outhouse is almost out of toilet paper, though.
Posted By: Greenhouseguy
Info: Drove to summit of pass 5/13/18 in a RAV4, road in good shape with no snow. Outhouse unlocked, toilet paper stocked, air freshener expired.
Posted By: mikemalick
Info: Snow on the final 1/3 of the road. That said, really not an issue if you have a little clearance and decent tires. Saw a van stuck on the road on the way out, but that vehicle really shouldn’t have tried. Was getting muddy in the afternoon.

Pic #1 is looking towards Marshall Pass Rd from the TH in the morning.

Sideways pic #2 was at the end of the hike at the T in the road for Marshall Pass Rd and 200C

Pic #3 is the TH in the afternoon
Posted By: bmcqueen
Info: Road is clear and dry. No issues at all.
Posted By: ZLewis
Info: Still dry with only mild washboarding and some rocks. Averaged 25mph in an Elantra.
Posted By: RJ_Greenhorn24
Info: Usual rocks and ruts all the way up but good conditions overall. Few small rut streams to cross but my Honda Accord made it so I’m convinced anyone can!
Posted By: JasonKline
Info: Dry. My Elantra easily made it to Marshall Pass from the east side.
Posted By: 14erAddict
Info: Free of snow to the trailhead.
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Clear, dry to TH
Posted By: zdero1
Info: Clear to the TH.
Posted By: Presto
Info: Road is clear all the way to the pass ... no snow at the pass though there are easily avoided snowy sections in the trees. Saw MANY people climbing Mt. Ouray (we were doing Unnamed 13,472).
Posted By: Wyoming Bob
Info: Gate still closed, 4 pm.
Posted By: Taillon75
Info: Totally open from the East Side. We bulldozed the snow drifts friday night, camped on the pass and climbed Ouray saturday morning. On the way out, the Memorial Weekend crowd was putting the finishing touches on the few snowdrifts that were left.

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