St. Mary's Glacier Trailhead


Range: Front Range

Road Difficulty

Paved Road 0   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)

Driving Directions

On I-70 turnoff on Fall River Road. A parking lot is not far from the Trailhead. No-parking signs are ubiquitous and your only choice--within close promixity is the lot. There is a $5-6 fee for the lot.

Winter Access

Usually plowed
Status Updates 
Posted By: jmjr2k
Info: Labor Day weekend brought quite a few visitors to the two trailhead parking areas. Both lots were full, and there was quite a crowd at the Glacier and the lake on Saturday. The road is paved and in very good shape. Be sure to remember to have $5 ready for the honor system parking fee!
Posted By: winmag4582001
Info: Rainbow RD. twards Fall River Resivor is passible in the morning (4x4) up to the split in the road, one goes to Chinns Lake the other to FRR. On the way back down you will probably want chains.
If you snowshoe to Chinns Lake, stay right on the trail on your way up. If you go left at the fork it gets very steep. The snow looked good and didnt feel like an avalanche risk. **May be different today since they were supposed to get 6" last night.
You can also park and hike from a pull off just down the paved road about 200yds.
Posted By: glacierPaul
Info: General Info: On I-70, take exit 238, Fall River Rd./St.Mary’s/Alice, approx. 9 miles. The trailhead will be on your left. The only legal parking for the hike is either of the two pay lots provided, one before the trailhead on the left side and the other 300’ past the trailhead on the left side.
Fall River road is a primary road for Clear Creek County, so it gets plowed first. I do keep the parking lots plowed out as well. I have the only facilities and legal parking for the area, 2 portable toilets, dog/human waste bags, and trash/recycle cans at both lots. I am still in the works of expanding the smaller parking lot onto my adjacent lot, which could provide up to 75+ spaces.
The forest service was sued by the Boy Scouts years ago, because of an accident on the glacier. Since then, the USFS, has not done one thing to help provide access or parking. They do not want the liability. It took a private owner, myself, to provide the facilities and parking. If and when the USFS does anything, for the glacier/James Peak, it will be a parking area down on Rainbow Rd. adjacent to the continental divide trailhead. The Clear Creek County Sheriff‘s Dept. will be issuing $62.50 tickets for anyone parked along Fall River Road that is not in the pay lots. Glacierpaul
Posted By: Matt
Info: We had no issues in my buddy’s Prius on 4/16. Isn‘t this plowed all winter?
Posted By: Urban Snowshoer
Info: Trailhead was accessible but the road was icy in spots.

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