Mayflower Gulch Trailhead


Range: Tenmile Range
Coordinates: 39.41414, -106.14835
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Road Difficulty

Paved Road 0   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Pavement to lower trailhead - 10,980'. Easy 4WD to upper trailhead - 11,500'.

Driving Directions

Exit I-70 at Copper and follow CO 91 south for approximately 6 miles (or 4 miles north of Fremont Pass)to a large dirt parking area on the east side of the road. If you have 4WD and clearance you can drive up the valley for 1.4 miles to the ruins of the Boston Mine where you'll find parking for a small number of vehicles.

Winter Access

Parking lot is typically plowed in winter, but the 4WD road is impassable in winter.
Status Updates 
Posted By: LetsGoMets
Info: Road to upper TH is packed snow from the start and consistent to the end. Had no problems with a lifted Land Cruiser. Any good clearance 4x4 with good tires should have no issues.
Posted By: cougar
Info: One notably rough and rocky spot about 1/3 mile up but barely passable with Subaru using a lot of care and line picking, that spot is wide and one side has a deeper hole.
Posted By: PikaSteve
Info: One section at about 0.4 miles from 2WD parking lot requires careful snaking to avoid ruts and rocks. If you make it past here, you will be fine for the rest of the road to the gate. Limited parking near the end of the 4WD road, but very large 2WD parking lot.
Posted By: colin j
Info: Gate is closed. First impassable drift about 0.4 miles up the road. Things are melting fast and would expect maybe a week and a half before the road is clear and gate opened.
Posted By: dhagan
Info: Was up there today for Drift and Atlantic. The tree fairies and elves have been by and everything cleared so the road is good to the mine.
Posted By: rudi32
Info: Was up there last Sunday, 20+ downed trees starting about 200 yards up from the Lower TH. There are a few pulloffs along the way, I would recommend to park at the Lower TH. If you arrive early enough and have decent clearance, you can drive up a ways and find a pulloff
Posted By: Makbrad
Info: I did a hot lap on August 19; then returned September 12 to climb Drift for snow condition beta after the recent storm. In between this time a storm took down what I estimate to be over 20 trees down on the road blocking passage to the mine. This added significant time to the hike each way as you will have to hop over the trees to and from the mine. There is a couple of paths cuts down and around some of the larger uprooted trees.
Posted By: mjflynn74
Info: The first quarter-mile is probably the worst part of the road this year -- see pic of a deeply-rutted turn at that point. If you can get over that stretch, you’ll have no problem with the rest of the road. One or two 4x4s made it up; I left my AWD crossover at the paved parking area, which is what the vast majority of people did today.
Posted By: angry
Info: There were only 3 cars when I arrived at 7am. In the afternoon, lot was completely full. Trail is packed to the boston mine, beyond that snowshoes required.
Posted By: E_A_Marcus_949
Info: Gate is open. One or two sections that require careful maneuvering but otherwise all clear. Room for 4-5 cars max at the end of the road. Subaru Forester made it without issue to the end of the road.
Posted By: Flyingfish
Info: Gate is open and the road is clear all the way to the 4x4 trailhead. The road is very rutted out and would be impassable for a non 4x4 vehicle.
Posted By: Trotter
Info: Gate still closed. Snow starts about 100 yards up, covers most of road but with some large bare spots. Packed down decently.
Posted By: DukeJH
Info: Gate closed. Fresh snowfall partially obscured boot prints and ski tracks.
Posted By: WildWanderer
Info: The gate was open, but everyone parked their vehicles in the lower lot. The 4WD road to the Boston Mine was well packed down by hikers and skiers. It would be an icy drive, but most likely doable in 4WD.
Posted By: Marmot Sushi
Info: The gate is open! I spoke to a ranger 6-14 after descending Atlantic and he was surveying the road and decided to open the gate. Still some runoff crossing the road, but the snow is gone.
Posted By: sunny1
Info: The road remains gated near the parking lot. No vehicular access to the forest road yet.
The snow on the road was consolidated in the early a.m., but became slurpee slop by late a.m.
I didn’t posthole on the road, but sure did en route to Drift Pk.
Snowshoes and/or microspikes did not help en route to the peak, snow was too soft.
I didn’t ever reach for either of them on the road.
Posted By: jGunn
Info: Gate closed at the beginning parking lot right off 91. The 4wd road is well packed down and easy hiking.
Posted By: jladderud
Info: There is a rut a couple hundred yards up the road where it helps to have good clearance. The last mile+ of the road is almost entirely covered in snow. It’s definitely driveable to the Boston Mine gate with reasonable clearance, tires, and skill. I drove it in a 4WD F150 in the afternoon when temps were about 40 degrees. Not sure how much easier/tougher it would be when temps are below freezing.
Posted By: Bombay2Boulder
Info: You can drive all the way to the upper TH in a Subaru. I was driving a crosstrek and never had any issues. The first 0.1 miles of the road are the roughest and has some big dips which can be easily moved around. So in case your car can handle the fist 0.1 miles, you will have absolutely no issues going all the way up.
Posted By: atalarico
Info: As of last Saturday:

Most of the snow on the lower 2/3 of the road is passable with decent tires. However, I got high-centered on a snow drift and I drive a 3" lifted 4Runner on 32" tires. That being said, I got within a foot of my front tires clearing to the other side of the drift, so it may have melted out enough to where it’s passable (you’re welcome). Bring a tow strap and a comealong/winch if you get adventurous.
Posted By: Count40
Info: Still lots of snowbanks on the road from the highway to 4WD TH/Mine. Haven’t seen any cars making it or even trying to make it up there.
Snow starts right after that rough spot on a first uphill stretch about quarter mile from hwy 91 parking lot.

As for hiking, basin and stretches up the road south to Drift ridge and trail north to Atlantic/Pacific basin are under snow.
I will attach photos of west ridges from Mayflower Hill for all the neighboring summits under individual entries for Drift, Pacific, Atlantic and perhaps even Crystal.
Posted By: JtheChemE
Info: Road Only clear ~200’ from the hwy parking lot. Still a good amount of snow on the road, going to be a little while before you can get meaningfully up the road.
Posted By: SolarAlex
Info: Road has a few snowy/icy patches but they are generally short...longest one was maybe 25 feet. it was no problem with all terrain tires.
Posted By: AnnaG22
Info: Drove up to the mine in a 2006 Subaru Outback. The one major obstacle toward the bottom was a smidge dicey with my clearance, but navigable. Road is starting to hold some snow, but if you have medium clearance and are comfortable driving a 4WD road, you should be okay until it gets more snow.
Posted By: AppalachianAdam
Info: I parked at the lower lot right off 91. After walking up the mile and a half to the upper TH, I believe most trucks/SUVs could make it up there. Not too many places to flip around, but a relatively easy 4x4 road.

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