Thirty Mile campground Trailhead


Range: San Juan Mountains

Road Difficulty

2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Provides access to Rio Grande Pyramid and surrounding 13ers.

Driving Directions

The Weminuche Trail 818 (main access route to RGP) is closed due to bridge reconstruction. It is scheduled to open again on August 1.

Winter Access

Status Updates 
Posted By: madmattd
Info: Easy drive in, any vehicle can make it. Just a few stretches with small potholes and some minor washboarding.

There’s a sign for the campground off Highway 149 (typical brown USFS sign), then a few signs along the ~12mi dirt road trip in. Just say on the main road to the campground, pretty obvious where to go.

Backpacker lot was pretty much full (due to poor parking jobs, otherwise room for easily 6-8 more vehicles) at 1PM Labor Day weekend Saturday. Starting to empty out mid-afternoon Sunday.

I will send Bill a note, but the comment currently posted about the trail being closed due to bridge construction appears to have been from 2018. No trail access issues now, and the bridge ~2mi in looks newer, but definitely a few years old.
Posted By: blazintoes
Info: Closed 5 miles from the TH that makes a winter summit a 30+ mile r/t affair.
Posted By: angry
Info: Dry to th.
Posted By: supranihilest
Info: Dry to the campground. Easily doable in any vehicle. Lots of parking in the backpacker’s parking lot, and some free camping outside of the campground itself.
Posted By: HikerGuy
Info: Smooth dirt road the entire way from Hwy 149. Campground stays open as long as the road stays open. Looks like the campsites are free once the bathrooms are locked and water turned off. Backpacker parking lot was sunnier, so chose to car camp there. Not much traffic this time of year, only one other car.

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