Saint Vrain Trailhead


Range: Front Range

Road Difficulty

2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)

Driving Directions

In Allenspark, take County Road 107 (Ski Road) south for 1.5 miles. National Forest System Road 116.1 heads up the hill to the right for 0.5 miles to the Saint Vrain Mountain Trailhead. Parking is limited.

Winter Access

Road is plowed .5 miles from the trailhead
Status Updates 
Posted By: t_wolves_fan
Info: Some short but rough spots due to recent rain. Car should be ok if you go slow.
Posted By: kingshimmers
Info: Road is completely clear and plowed until 0.5mi from trailhead. After that, the plow pushed a bit of snow up into a small bump, but otherwise not much snow after that and last 0.5 mile could be driven in many vehicles. We parked our sedan at the 0.5 mile point and just walked in to the trailhead.

The trail is completely snow covered until you hit the tundra saddle below Meadow Mountain. On the way up the trail was packed enough that I didn’t put snowshoes on until ~1.5mi in (on the way down I wore them all the way back to the trailhead out of convenience). After that, I used snowshoes until the saddle. One could take skis but there are still a decent number of rocks near the surface in a lot of places. The saddle is clear for long enough to warrant taking the snowshoes off, but I put them back on again to make it up Saint Vrain Mountain in the afternoon. Meadow Mountain is completely dry.
Posted By: AlexeyD
Info: Snow/ice on road starting about 1/2 mile from the Y, but TH should still be easily accessible to most vehicles as of just before the most recent storm cycle. A few rough spots just below the Y.
Posted By: bouncebarkrun
Info: Road totally clear and dry to the trailhead and in good shape as of last Thursday (heading back up on the 21st so will update then). No snow on the trail for the first ~1/2mile or so.

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