Gibson Lake Trailhead


Range: Front Range

Road Difficulty

Easy 4WD, good clearance recommended. 3   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
As of 12/1/12, the trailhead is accessible to a Subaru Outback. The creek crossing is shallow and lined by ice on both sides, but there was no problem with exiting the creek.

Driving Directions

From the US 285 / Hall County Road junction, drive West on Hall County Road for approximately 5,5 miles. There is a very clear sign directing you to take a left fork in the road to the Gibson Lake Trailhead. Continue approximately 1.5 miles until the well-signed trailhead.

Winter Access

Status Updates 
Posted By: Kitten
Info: Road is quite rough after the last campground, we parked right before the creek crossing. Creek was about 6 inches deep (see pic attached), doable on a 4WD vehicle with clearance, but too rough for an AWD (Suzuki SX4). After the creek crossing, the road becomes even more rough, I would say it is a 4, not a 3 as in the description. I don’t think a Subaru Outback could make it all the way to the TH as stated (prove me if wrong!).
From that point it is 1.5 miles to the TH, so add 3 extra miles roundtrip.
Posted By: 123tqb
Info: The entirety of the road was doable in my Honda Civic, except for one large creek crossing about half a foot deep (a mile below the TH), that I really didn’t want to get stuck in.
Posted By: SionaRW35
Info: Drove all the way to the TH in a Jeep Cherokee. Creek crossing was easy.
Posted By: Trotter
Info: Made it to about 10150 in a crossover. Road still pretty rough, its right at the limit of suburu crossover clearences. A few snowpiles to drive through but nothing bad. Above 10150 a bit more snow on road. A few vehicles have made it higher. Stream crossing was maybe 8 inches deep at most.
Posted By: coopereitel
Info: See the conditions report I did for more info, but the gist is to not go too far past the stream crossing. This may change, but it’s what it looked like today. I parked near 10,140’ and got stuck, then stuck more times further down the road. Shout out the the guys who helped me.
Posted By: cougar
Info: Sloppy tracked out melting snow and deep puddles and ruts to near hall valley campground. Passable with awd to ohv staging area or a bit beyond. A 4x4 could make it a half mile or more farther, but still snowed in past that. Beavers are very busy up there, and working on a tree that could fall across the road at any time.
Posted By: angry
Info: Parked at ~9,765. Approximately 1.8 miles below the th.
Posted By: eskermo
Info: Road is clear until a snowbank blocks further driving at 3.8 miles from 285, around 9,660’. From there, it’s about 2.6 miles of road walking to the Gibson Lake Trailhead. Road is mostly snow covered and packed by snowmobiles, but there are lots of dry stretches making hiking more efficient than skinning. However, we were able to ski much of the snowy patches back to the car on the way down.
Posted By: JosephG
Info: CO60 is 60-70% snow-packed from 285 to the campground, mostly the first two miles and the last mile before the 4WD road. The 4WD road (Rd 120C) from the campground is 100% snow covered to the Gibson Lake TH. That said, there were obvious tracks where someone with large tread had driven up.
Posted By: emgordon
Info: See whale peak conditions report
Posted By: Taillon75
Info: Drove all the way up to the picnic area right before the Webster Pass Junction and walked to the Gibson Lake TH. The road is 75% covered in snow. Don‘t bother trying you‘ll just get stuck. Frozen in the morning.... Slush in the afternoon. Park at the Picnic Area. About a mile walk. Skied Whale Peak. Fun.
Posted By: edhaman
Info: I decided not to take my Honda CR-V past the stream crossing, about 1.2 miles below the trailhead. The stream was shallow, but the road got considerably more rocky after that point. On the way up, I saw a few vehicles at camping spots, but none at the trailhead. On the way down, I was able to walk as fast as the Jeep Wrangler I followed.

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