Mosquito Creek Trailhead


Range: Mosquito Range
Coordinates: 39.29932, -106.15505
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Road Difficulty

2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
The road is 4WD beyond 6.9 miles and climbs to Mosquito Pass.

Driving Directions

On Highway 9, 1 mile south of Alma, turn west onto Mosquito Gulch Road. Drive 6.8 miles to a point where the road turns left and crosses Mosquito Creek before climbing up toward Mosquito Pass. There's parking 0.1 mile after the left turn.

Winter Access

Mosquito Pass is closed for winter and the Mosquito Gulch road is usually blocked 3 miles in from Highway 9.
Status Updates 
Posted By: Carl_Healy
Info: Road pretty much dry the entire way, including the two large dips that were filled with water in the last report from July (see pic). Those "dips" are pretty much right at the trailhead. A little snow/ice at the trailhead itself that was mud later in the day.
No problem with my RWD 2002 F-150, since I had clearance. Could be a problem with lower clearance vehicles even with the road being dry.
Posted By: daway8
Info: The 2 large puddles spanning the road are still there. Very easy to drive through if you have some clearance (my skid plates got a free washing!). Otherwise road is easy for any vehicle until the puddles and surrounding rocks (no 4WD needed until after the main parking area as you head up the pass) Ample parking before and after the puddles. Puddle picture included.
Posted By: dwoodward13
Info: Comfortably made it to within about a tenth of a mile of the GPS coordinates listed on the TH description in a Camry (just before the left turn to cross the creek and park). There are 2 deep puddles spanning the width of the road that are at least 1.5 feet deep where I stopped. I saw Tacomas, Xterras, and Grand Cherokees turn around at this point. There is parking for ~10 vehicles below the puddles.
Posted By: gcook33
Info: Easy to get all the way to the left turn/parking in 4wd. Mostly dry, some snow on the road but nothing significant.
Posted By: habaceeba
Info: No 4wd required yet. A few shaded snow patches, but nothing major. Easy to get all the way to the turn/parking
Posted By: daway8
Info: Not sure what the earlier update about private property signs is about. Follow the directions and there is no signage near that area and plenty of room to park. GAIA shows mining property at the corner of road, where it turns left and crosses the creek (creek runs under the road) but public land just past the corner in the area described. 4WD drive road is very trivial - just bumpy and some medium potholes and rocks. 4WD not needed for this section (but applies if you go all the way up the pass), as long as you have some clearance you’ll be fine up to the parking area (in a stock Jeep Renegade with 8.7in clearance it was trivial - probably would still be fine with an inch or two less).
Posted By: Flyingfish
Info: Lots of puddles from the rain last night but nothing too bad. Continuing up Mosquito Pass is not fun by either hiking or driving.
Posted By: mjflynn74
Info: Can confirm the other report from today. The 4WD road is bumpy, but I’m a city driver with a grocery-hauling AWD crossover, and I made it to just below the trailhead with no real problems. Stopped at the two potholes noted in some previous TRs, but when I walked by them, even they looked possible. There were several non-4x4s at the TH.
Posted By: Chelsea
Info: Mosquito Pass is still closed, blocked by a drift just past the saddle between London & Kuss. The road to the lower parking area is rough 2WD, did just fine in my Crosstrek and I imagine a lower car could make it with a skilled driver.
Posted By: Muddy_Mudskipper
Info: Contrary to trailhead info listed on Mt. Tweto Southwest Ridge route page, Mosquito Pass road becomes 4WD only just before the 4.5 mile mark. This left us to hike the rest of the way to the unofficial trailhead/parking area, adding almost 5 miles to our trip and a considerable amount of vertical gain. Somebody please edit the description to reflect this. It was entirely because of this we weren’t able to make the summit. Aside from that, I will say there was no snow on the road all the way up to where it ends at the highest mining ruins.
Posted By: Brian Thomas
Info: Road is snow free to the parking area at 6.8 miles. Just above that the road is completely blocked with a 2 foot deep snow drift and intermittent snow to the Kuss/London saddle.
Posted By: angry
Info: Parked 2 miles below trailhead, ~11,000ft.
Posted By: Aphelion
Info: This road is only plowed occasionally, and has significant drifts. Per a work crew we talked with, the drifts can block traffic to smaller vehicles all the way from the highway on occasion. On 2-15-20, getting to the normal winter closure required high-clearance 4WD, good tires, and some chains (though it was possible to get part-way up without those). We either helped with or observed the extraction of several vehicles that attempted the first drifts lacking these. Would not recommend taking chances on this road currently unless you have those, plus your favorite method of self-extraction.
Posted By: Chicago Transplant
Info: Road is plowed to the normal winter closure (about 3 miles from CO9), however, there are a few soft spots from where snow drifts blew into the road that were not plowed. They are easy enough to drive through but a lower clearance 2WD may struggle in one or two of them.
For hiking the 4WD road, the first couple of miles are mostly packed out or just dirt and do not require snowshoes. After the old mill structure snowshoes become useful. There is a track, but you would likely post hole a lot in just boots. The road above the mine ruins cuts across London and crosses two potential avy slopes. I went wide right and met the road closer to the London/Kuss saddle. After that there is another potential slide path the road crosses on Kuss, but I was headed for London. Not sure the bypass option, maybe just straight up Kuss’ east ridge.

First photo: Road cut across London
Second photo: Kuss’ east ridge and steep slopes road cuts across
Posted By: Dad Mike
Info: Road is plowed to the London Mill. There is a turnoff to Mosquito Pass to the right, but the sign is hard to read and I missed it in the dark. It is at around 11,000 feet. The road is not drivable after this point because of drifts over the road. This is where I parked. You can drive a little further to a small parking area. From here there is a shortcut up to the Mosquito Pass Road. I would say this is a 1/4 mile past where I parked.

The first few miles are a mix of bare dirt and packed snow. I used snowshoes, but they are not necessary for a while. I ran into another group on Kuss and they didn’t use snowshoe at all.
Posted By: WildWanderer
Info: 2WD drive in icy but doable. 4WD road ranged from bare to 6 inches of ice to 4 foot drifts. I parked at the turnoff for the 4WD road and wasn’t disappointed. It doesn’t look like anyone’s been to the London Mine in a while. I *probably* could have made it another mile past the 4WD turnoff in my Tundra but after that the snow would have been past my tires.
Posted By: habaceeba
Info: Road in from Park City was snowpacked and passable. Deeper snow encountered after American Basin turnoff, but was passable with 4wd. I made it all the way to the Mosquito Pass turn with stock Tacoma with no issues.
Posted By: LetsGoMets
Info: Rough 2WD (particularly the last 3ish miles, after the sign designating 4WD) to the parking area where the road starts to truly ascend Mosquito Pass, roughly 6.8 miles from the main road.
Posted By: E_A_Marcus_949
Info: My 2018 Subaru Forester made it just about to the junction of Mosquito Gulch Road and Mosquito Pass 4WD road (where it turns left up to London Mine). There is a large "puddle" blocking the whole road that I wouldn’t attempt to cross, and I was glad I didn’t after seeing a lifted truck go through - water was almost covering their entire tire/up to the base of the truck. I was able to park partway off the road right before this water - maybe a couple hundred yards back from the junction - no big deal. After hiking down Mosquito Pass from Kuss at the end of the day (we started with Tweto then looped over Treasurevault/Mosquito/Kuss) it was clear only large trucks and jeeps and off-road vehicles (though we saw one brand-new 4Runner) should go up Mosquito Pass. There are some serious creek/water crossings and large divots/potholes obstacles to get through.
Posted By: HikerGuy
Info: High clearance vehicles can make it to the trailhead area where the road turns up to climb to Mosquito Pass. Good amount of parking space. I was driving a Hyundai Santa Fe, also saw a Subaru. There is a large, deep-ish waterhole just before the trailhead that low clearance cars best not attempt. Off-road capable 4wd vehicles can make it to the North London Mine. A large snowfield blocks progress as this point.
Posted By: Jon Frohlich
Info: All the avalanche debris is gone and you can drive to the North London Mine with some care. Above that the road has multiple large snowfields that are going to take a while to melt out. If you are going to hike the road to Mosquito Pass I’d recommend spikes, poles, or an ice axe right now.

I’d estimate at least two weeks for the road to fully melt if not longer.
Posted By: Alrightmax
Info: All the avalanche debris has been cleared. There’s snowdrifts up the road that will be impassible for vehicle, but you can make it to the junction with CR783 in the parking area. Quite a lot of snowmelt, be careful around the deeper pools.
Posted By: telemarkdude
Info: The first slide has been cleared but there’s another much more serious one, 1.5 miles from where the Mosquito Pass road forks off to the right and becomes 4WD. That one will take a while to clear.
Posted By: habaceeba
Info: Very large avalanche covering the road at the turnoff for Co Rd 696. The mine crew are working on clearing it. It looks like they’re clearing a path for Mosquito Pass road too, but it’s hard to tell.
Posted By: jbealer
Info: As of Sat morning i got my Element up to the 2WD parking area. when i left in the afternoon there were some large puddles of slush with snow on either side that made it a hair challenging and my underside hit on something but all was good. Should melt out this week.
someone tired to go past the parking area and turned around.

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