Peak(s):  Huron Peak  -  14,003 feet
Browns Pk  -  13,523 feet
PT 13,462  -  13,462 feet
Middle Mtn B  -  13,060 feet
Unnamed - 12622
Date Posted:  08/12/2011
Date Climbed:   08/11/2011
Author:  alpinenut
 Huron Peak - N Ridge   

Participants: masonkimble and ktn44

Goal for the day was to follow Roach's N Ridge route on the Ascent and the NW Slopes on the Descent. For the most part we followed the route to a T with slight detour on the Ascent.

Here's an image of the route we followed. I don't use a GPS so I created a JPG from TOPO. Blue represents our route up and red represents our route down. I also added the green route as alternate route up that would allow you to summit Cross Mt and traverse the entire ridge to Huron.

Huron N Ridge Route

We left the Winfield 2WD TH at 6am and headed up the Winfield 4WD road. After .62 mi. we turned left on an unnamed 4WD route to begin the ascent towards Middle Mt. In the middle of the valley we had to make a decision - follow Roach's route to the saddle just S of Middle Mt. or turn left on the 4WD road and follow up to the summit of Pt 12,622. We chose to go to Pt 12,622. It was at the far N end of the ridge so it looked like it would offer nice views of La Plata, Winfield, and the surrounding area.

Here's a picture from Pt 12,622 looking towards Middle Mt.

Middle Mt from 12,622

Here's a picture looking towards Browns Pk.

Browns from 12,622

Next we headed up the ridge to the summit of Middle Mt (Middle Mountain B officially). Here's a view of the ridge back towards Pt 12,622.

12,622 from Middle Mt

Here's a view up towards Pt 13,462.

13,462 from Middle Mt

And here's a pic looking towards Browns Pk. You can now see that Huron has come into view of the L side Browns.

Browns from Middle Mt

Next we arrived at Pt 13,462. Here's a view back towards Middle Mt. and 12,622.

Middle Mt from 13,462

And here's a view across the next saddle to Browns Pk.

Browns from 13,462

Once you reach Pt 13,462 you get an amazing view of the E side of Mt Huron.

Huron E Side

You also have an excellent view of Missouri Mt., Clohesy Lake, Belford, and Oxford.

Missouri Mt

Next we descended the saddle towards Browns Pk. Here's a view of Browns from the Saddle.

Browns from Saddle

Then here's a pic from the summit of Browns looking back towards 13,462.

13,462 from Browns

ktn44 on the ridge between Browns and Huron. This is just before Pt 13,518.

ktn44 on Ridge to Huron

Pt 13,518 on the ridge is a must see. It can be skirted by traversing below and heading towards the standard trail that heads up Huron. However, it's well worth a visit. Here's a view looking down the E side of the mountain from 13,518.

Rib on E Ridge near 13,518

Here's a pic from below of me approaching (cautiously) Pt 13,518.


And here's a look back towards Browns.

Browns from 13,518

Once you arrive at 13,518 you can see the standard trail that leads up the NW slopes of Huron. Descend to the shoulder of the ridge that sits at the base of the summit pyramid. Here's a pic of the shoulder taken from the Huron NW slopes trail looking back towards 13,518. Sorry, I should have shot the shoulder from 13,518. Didn't think of it...

13,518 from N Ridge/NW Slopes Intersection

Stay on the standard trail and your next stop is the summit of Huron. I suppose you could stay on the ridge but there's nothing really compelling about doing so, so we opted for the trail. We hit the summit at 11:30. Here's ktn44 from the summit.

ktn44 on Huron Summit

Here's a view of the route from the summit of Huron. It doesn't show the trail going to the summit (that would be left of the picture). It does show 13,518, Browns Pk, 13,462, and 12,622 in descending order.

View of Route from Huron Summit

Ice Mountain and the Three Apostles looking S from the summit of Huron. If I was a competent snow/ice climber that couloir on Ice Mountain sure would be intriguing.

Ice Mt and the Three Apostles

Next we descended the NW slopes route. There is an excellent trail that leads to/from the summit. However, it's very steep and quite slick. I was very grateful that ktn44 let me borrow a pole!! Be careful going down, I would not even want to think about doing it tennis shoes or wet conditions. Next pic shows a view looking up the NW slopes. You descend the summit pyramid then traverse across the grass slopes in the upper left and down the trail which is to the left of the picture.

Huron Summit from Valley

Here's a pic looking up as you continue to descend through a beautiful high meadow.

Grass Slopes after Summit Descent

Beautiful Meadow

Beautiful Meadow

Stay on the trail through the meadow and down through the forest. Eventually, the trail zig zags it's way all the way down to the Winfield 4WD TH. We walked from the Winfield 4WD TH to the 2WD TH (about 1.9 mi.). We arrived back at the TH at exactly 3. So 9 hours RT including a 1/2 hour summit break. According to Topo, the route measures just over 10.5mi. and about 4500' net vertical.

All in all we had a great day. The weather was excellent and the route was quite interesting. I would highly recommend it if you're interested in getting away from the crowds, summiting multiple points, and stretching your mileage. One comment on the std route, one might be lead to believe that Huron is an easy climb up the std route from the Winfield 4WD TH. It's only 6.75mi. However, on the 3+mi. up and down you will ascend and descend over 3400ft. Be prepared for a steep climb up and down.

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Nice report
01/06/2012 12:36
Looks like some interesting ridgelines and I really liked the view into the Clohesy Lake basin. Thanks for posting this alternate route for this peak.

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