Peak(s):  Mt. Tweto  -  13,672 feet
Mt. Arkansas  -  13,795 feet
Treasurevault Mountain  -  13,701 feet
Mosquito Peak  -  13,781 feet
Kuss Peak  -  13,548 feet
Date Posted:  12/21/2011
Modified:  05/19/2013
Date Climbed:   12/20/2011
Author:  d_baker
 Repeat After Me   

December 20, 2011

Hikers: Barry (Johnson) Johnson, Greg Gorrell (summit lounger), Steve Tragesser, & Darin Baker

Mount Tweto (13,672')
Mount Arkansas (13,795')
Treasurevault Mountain (13,701')*
Mosquito Peak (13,781')
"Repeater Peak" (13,548')*

Mosquito Range

Twilight on the Mosquito's

Trailhead: Mosquito Pass Rd (County Rd 12)
Route: see map at end of report
Distance: ~9mi RT (roundtrip)
Elevation Gain: ~4050'
Difficulty: class 2+ with snow, occasional ~class 3 move on ridge to Arkansas

Occasional class 3 move seen here on our descent from Arkansas

Gear: daypack w/Essentials, winter attire, snowshoes

Resources Used For Trip Planning: prior knowledge to area, NOAA forecast, CAIC avalanche forecast


This was the third time I've hiked Tweto, Mosquito, and Treasurevault. The first time was in 2009 on Thanksgiving Day.
The second time I hiked them (10/9/11) I intended to repeat Tweto, and then collect Arkansas. On that trip with Anna, as I was hiking up the S slopes of Tweto I wasn't feeling very strong and when I looked at Arkansas from the summit, I wasn't super excited about an out-and-back. Therefore we did the loop of the 3 aforementioned peaks.

This time I meant business! Tweto & Arkansas were a for sure thing; the other peaks were only a possibility I mentioned that came to fruition. And I'm glad they did, because it was a great day out, with a wonderful finish on "Repeater" while watching the sun set! Sweet.

Steve and I met up with Barry & Greg in Fairplay, and from there we drove to the TH in separate vehicles. Steve was able to drive his Subaru Forester all the way up CR 12 where it turns left to head up towards Mosquito Pass, an elevation of ~11,500', which can make for an easy day with a starting elevation like that!

Let's Get This Show Started!

Single digit temps at the start, snowshoes on the feet, and we were on the trail by 8am-ish.

I'm Bad. I'm Nationwide.

The Crue

On the approach

There's not a lot of snow in this valley, but snowshoes were helpful especially in the willowy areas.

Steve and Greg taking a break below Tweto's S face (on the right)

Hiking up talus on Tweto's southern slopes

Terrain for later

First Summit: Mt. Tweto

Steve & Barry working their way up Tweto's SW ridge

Shouldn't you be lounging?

What's in a Name

What's Next?

But first...

Ok, let's go!


Mount Buckskin (13,865') and Tweto (l. to r.)

To be a Democrat

The Team in Tow in the Snow

Summit is getting closer?

Now the summit is closer

Mount Arkansas' Summit Views

Mr. Tragesser

Mr. Rock n' Roll

Give the man some mo' cowbell!

Now let's go back to Tweto!!

We retraced our steps for the most part back to Tweto's summit. From the summit, we descended the SW ridge to our snowshoe cache, and from there, Barry decided to go down to the truck as the rest of us went on to the other summits.

Now, repeat after me....

First stop, Treasurevault Mtn

There was no Treasure in the Vault, only a summit cairn

Mosquito Peak is next, but first...

Yes, that's right. The Paperson's Hotdog Stand!

But it appears to be closed for the season.

Looking back on where we came from

From the summit of Mosquito, there's only one more left

"Repeater" would be our last summit, and its E ridge (seen in the above photo, running looker's left) was our intended route down to regain the Mosquito Pass road.

Last uphill stretch

While the sun is getting lower

And the sun sets over the Sawatch

Twilight Fans? ;)


More twilight on Mosquito

Sun is down, now for us to get down. We went to the radio towers and started our descent on the E side of the building. The ridge goes, but at one point we did have to cross over to our right on a snow filled, shallow gully to avoid too steep of terrain to descend.

At times, it was slow going because of deep snow filled pockets in the rocks that would suck in a leg or two, and extraction was necessary. ;)

Once off the ridge, we were on the road and the going got better. Somewhere near the N London Mine, at least I think it was that mine, we stopped to put on our snowshoes and headlamps for the remainder of our walk out.

Barry greeted us back at the truck, sometime around 6pm.
Ahh...great day gentleman!

Thanks for reading,

Approximate route:

Comments or Questions
12/22/2011 01:41
Looks like a great trip to start off the season. Nice job gents. Thanks for posting, Darin.


Lookin' good!!
12/22/2011 01:57
Nice report, Darin! Some really beautiful shots you got! Thanks for sharing!

12/22/2011 02:13
Enjoyed that thoroughly! Pics were great, especially the sunset ones!

Summit Register
12/22/2011 02:51
Pretty cool having your name in there twice so close. Surprising those peaks don't have more visitors. But, I guess it's just a 13er....which kicked my butt! Great to get out with you again Darin and great to meet you Steve and Mr. Lounger.... I went extra slow so you'd have more time up there.

speaking of summit registers...
12/22/2011 03:16
...did I forget to put a damn date in there?? Oh well, it was sometime between Darin's two ascents I guess.

Looks like a solid crew and some beautiful weather up there! Awesome photos, too. Isn't hiking out in the sunset the best on these short winter days??

Summit Lounger
Hot Dogs
12/22/2011 03:49
Hot Dogs, get yer Hot Dogs. Thanks, Darin for bringing on the pain. The sunset was worth it all.

Rock N Roll...
12/22/2011 04:38
Awesome report, Darin. I like the captions and your crue. From the photos, it looks like you had pretty stellar conditions. That is a big loop for December. We were pretty spent doing just Arkansas and Tweto so definite props are in order.

re: Photo 12

That is a pretty slick jacket summit lounger is wearing. I may have to swipe it the next time I am at his house. I might take those sunglasses too.

I hope we can all get out together soon. Have a safe holiday.

12/22/2011 05:12
I've always loved how the sliver of pink crawls across the horizon and then tilts upward as darkness slips beneath it like an incoming tide washing over the landscape. It is an incredible process to witness from a high summit.

Fantastic photos all-around, but especially the sunset shots. And the narrative tells the whole story with a smile and a laugh. Nice, Darin.

That climb was some strong and sublime work, gentlemen. The vicarious living was sweet. Well done.

12/22/2011 14:33
Getting Arkansas with this group of peaks is some serious work! Very cool

That Register
12/22/2011 18:37
Is like an ad for this site. I can't see above Triple M, but that's at least 11 of us in a row! We were up there in September, making quite a gap before the next signing group...
Nice chronicling of a day that speaks volumes to those (even me) who don't repeat many peaks and don't hike much in the snow.

12/22/2011 19:13
Thanks for the comments everyone...and for those of you that haven't hiked these peaks, they make for an easy combo.

Well, adding Arkansas to the bill adds a little extra effort, but the Mosquito/Treasurevault/Tweto Tour is fairly easy.
I've done it in clockwise order and counterclockwise and either works well.

Greg & Barry & Steve, again, thanks for coming out! It was a pleasure!

12/23/2011 13:48
Thanks for the wonderful TR! These are on my to-do list and this helps a lot. Beautiful photos, too!

Great write up!
12/28/2011 00:08
Been wanting Arkansas for a long time, great report and you guys did it w/ style! I got to experience a winter sunset last year on Columbia, they are pretty magnificent!!!

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