Peak(s):  Emma Burr Mtn  -  13,538 feet
Kreutzer, Mt  -  13,095 feet
"Chalk Rock Mtn"  -  13,055 feet
Jones Mtn B  -  13,218 feet
Date Posted:  08/21/2012
Date Climbed:   08/17/2012
Author:  bergsteigen
Additional Members:   mtgirl, USAKeller
 Emma Burr "Grand Slam"   

Emma Burr Mtn, Mt Kreutzer, "Chalk Rock Mtn", Jones Mtn B

Miles: 11
Elevation Gain: 3,924'
3 Amigos: Caroline, Vicki and me
Time: ~9 hrs

The 3 amigos came from 3 different directions, to meet up by Cottonwood Lake, to make our way up to our chosen campsite. I wanted to get to the intersection of the 2 mining roads that we would be taking up and down the basin for our loop. Thankfully the road is in pretty good shape, and our 4X4's had no problem. Though finding a level parking space was a bit more problematic.

After a slightly tilted sleep, we were up well before first light and walking up the first mining road up to its end, near the ridge saddle. Soon after making the ridge, we were greeting by one of the best sunrises any of us had ever seen. The smoke may have made seeing distant peaks nigh impossible, but the sunrise was made spectacular by it.

Red clouds over Princeton

Red sun


Ridge up to Emma Burr

After we finally managed to start moving uphill again after taking tons of photos, we found that the final summit pitch was a bit more exciting than originally planned. The ridge proper went class 3, while staying to the right (north) was more like class 2+. A nice finish to a rather great peak.

Caroline (and Vicki) along ridge

Smokey Mountains...

Last class 3 pitch up peak

Vicki contemplating a beautiful view - Photo Credit: Vicki's camera/Caroline

On the summit, we couldn't help but notice how difficult it was to see even nearby peaks. Or just how awesome this peak was, or the day we would be having. It would be the longest we stayed on a summit all day.

3 Amigos in silhouette

Summit Fisheye - Photo Credit: Caroline

From there, it was a fairly long ridge walk to the next peak, Mt Kreutzer. We didn't linger too long on that summit, since the clouds around us didn't look great for staying dry in the near future.

Ridge to north, off of Emma Burr

Looking back up at Emma Burr

The ridge ahead from Kreutzer

Emma Burr from Kreutzer

By the time we got to Chalk Rock Mountain, the sun had burned off all the morning clouds, and any threat of rain had evaporated (at least until later).

Capuscular rays

Ridge from Chalk Rock to Jones

After another short summit break, we don our helmets and make our way to some fun scrambling on the ridge. There are some minor spots with some exposure, but nothing too bad. Many of the class 3 areas can be avoided, if you wish too.

Looking down the start of the ridge

Vicki and Caroline on the ridge

Vicki strutting her stuff on the catwalk, yeah on the catwalk

The last section of the ridge is a bit more tricky to stay ridge proper. The first section of the crux looks like loose sharp boulders precariously perched over the abyss. So we all decided to drop down to the right (south) just before this section and traverse around. The higher ledge system doesn't look continuous either, so we went down to the talus slope. Once around that first blocky section, I scampered back up the ridge to see if it went. I figured it would be good to work on my route finding skills for future trips where it might be necessary (cue foreshadowing music).

The ridge widened up here, and the route finding wasn't too bad, just wondering if it dropped back down too precipitously afterwards to where Caroline and Vicki were coming up to ridge proper again. So I continued on to find out, no problem! Over all, it was a fun ridge section to scramble!

Approaching the crux of the ridge

You can try to negotiate the blocky loose ridge, or drop down and the the right (south)

Some class 3/4 to regain ridge

Looking down the ridge after the end of the difficulties

Me on the last part of the class 3 ridge - Photo Credit: Vicki

Oh look, Caroline has spotted a group of hot firefighters! - Photo Credit: Vicki

After the scrambling, we had just one more ridge bump to go before the grassy walk up to the final summit of the day

A view back up the ridge to Chalk Rock

Caroline and Vicki next to a steep drop-off

Arriving on the last peak of the day, it was nice to be done with all the elevation gain. A solid day of hiking with 2 solid gals!

View to Gladstone Ridge and Yale

Start of the ridge run

Dropping off of Jones, with Chalk Rock in background

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Comments or Questions
08/21/2012 21:52
Looks like it was smokey all over the state.

Looks like you still managed to get some great photos, though!

Nice outing
08/21/2012 23:23
Some fun to be had in the central Sawatch.

I always imagine USAKeller as having a disproportional 10' long Gumby-esque left arm in the summit shots.

Hot Firefighters...
08/22/2012 00:28
Even across the basin with the haze, I don't fail to spot them.

That bump-humping loop was one of the best ones yet, and even better with great girl friends. Great TR Otina!! And I can't wait for the next one!

Monster5: My wingspan is pretty darn close to 10'...

Love those ridges!
08/22/2012 02:06
Beautiful morning shots! Yeah, they do look a lot like the eastern mountains, except for their steepness and being void of trees. But the layered look is very nice! Great outing, great company! Thanks for sharing this!

Struttin' my stuff on the catwalk
08/22/2012 18:26
I think we need more chicks in climbing helmets and backpacks on the catwalks. Yup, Caroline always has the keen ability to spot hot firefighters (I think it was a mirage thru the smoke). As always, great time with you girls and thanks for putting up a trip report, Otina.

08/22/2012 20:37
I always have somehow been able to spot the hot men no matter where I am! And gravitate towards them. Love that trait.

08/25/2012 12:33
Nice tour, and nice photos!

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