Peak(s):  Dyer Mountain  -  13,855 feet
Gemini Peak  -  13,951 feet
Mt. Sherman  -  14,043 feet
Date Posted:  12/11/2012
Modified:  12/10/2013
Date Climbed:   12/01/2012
Author:  dillonsarnelli
Additional Members:   kushrocks, MonGoose, BenfromtheEast, kansas, wildlobo71
 Sherman Gathering 2012   

Sherman Gathering 2012 (minus the Sherman)

Mountains: Dyer Mountain - 13,855 ft. and Gemini Peak - 13,951 ft.
Trailhead: Iowa Gulch
Date Climbed: December 1, 2012 Participants: Ben (BenfromtheEast), Bill (wildlobo71), Dan (dmccool), Darrin (kansas), Dillon (dillonsarnelli), James (Fletch), Nick (mongoose), Ryan (kushrocks)
Distance: ~ 5 miles

The crew at the TH (left to right - Dillon, Bob, Ryan, Dan, James, Ben, Nick, Darrin, Bill)

It's not everyday you get a fine group of gentlemen like this together on the fly. The 8th Rule of Sherman: When you do, you must write a TR (even if it is only Mt. Sherman and you didn't even climb Mt. Sherman). If I told you Rules 1 thru 7, I would be banned from the board. I could tell you Rule 6, but I think Tyler's mom may read this someday.

How the Gathering unfolded...

Take I - Dillon and Jeff will climb Sherman
Take II (a few weeks later) - Dillon, Jeff, Darrin, Ryan, James, Bill, Nick, and Ben will climb Sherman
Take III (morning of) - same as II, add Dan
Take IV - same as III, subtract Jeff
Take V (2 minutes after III) - same as IV, subtract Sherman, add Gemini and Dyer

And there you have it, just like that... The Sherman Gathering 2012 (minus the Sherman)

With an approximate start time of 9:30 and the wind swirling, we decided to head for Dyer first. From there we would ride the ridgeline over to Gemini, making Sherman a game time decision from the summit of Gemini.

and we're off...

some perspective - Alti mits are HUUUUUUGE

Break #1 of maybe 75? Bill is a little slow...


We were on the summit of Dyer at about 11 AM. Other than the brutal wind, it was a fantastic day in December.

Ben, look at yourself

Summit of Dyer Mountain - Elevation 13,855 - December 1, 2012

The trek over to Gemini is short, a little more than a half of a mile. We took our time and stayed together for the most part. The wind was still pounding us.
Ryan heads towards Gemini (top)

taking it all in

a look back at Dyer and the gang as they head toward Gemini

another look back at Dyer

At about noon, an hour after summitting Dyer, we were all on the summit of Gemini.
Huddled up...


Summit of Gemini Peak - Elevation 13,951 - December 1, 2012

D even made it home in time for dinner... 9th Rule of Sherman, keep Katie happy!


After some collaboration, frostbite, a breather, and a few pictures, the group consensus was Sherman is BEAT. Most of us headed back the way we came. Ryan and Nick were troopers and completed the Sherman loop.

time to go home fellas



Good work boys. Thanks for playing.


DISCLAIMER - Sherman, Gemini and Dyer are not this spectacular. My new camera is superawesome.

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Comments or Questions
10th Rule of Sherman: Show Up
12/12/2012 03:11
Can't believe the 267 beers I had Friday night prevented me from making this, especially considering it was, uh, my idea. Sorry fellas. Thanks for the report Dilly. I can at least live vicariously through your photos and Dillon-isms.

Look at your Trip Report
12/12/2012 04:14
B) Alti-mitts will keep your elbows warm
III) I lost my powder baskets because there wasn't any powder
e) Ryan can check a 13er box

11th Rule of Sherman: Don't ever hike Sherman

What the!
12/12/2012 07:29

12/12/2012 15:13
It's still, like, mountain bike weather! Oh well, dry winter makes for an earlier spring hiking season I guess.

What's this?
12/12/2012 19:23
Darrin is Bumphumping some 13ers? That was a nice weekend to get out, I was on the Buffalo Peaks south of this the day after. Nice Job.

Dammit Zach
12/12/2012 19:39
I didn't think people actually read these things.

Great writeup, Dilly. Good times.

Sorry Fellas
12/12/2012 23:31
For being so slow... just got back! Iowa Gulch got some snow, BTW. Can't believe the TR is already up.

Awesome day of laughing at the wind and each other!

Good News!
12/13/2012 00:09
My mother loved the report. I believed the word she used was ”titillating.”

Craig Cook
Forget about Sherman...
12/13/2012 06:17
You also didn't get any timestamps! That new camera must suck...

these are my kind of comments - Thanks crew
12/13/2012 07:42
Jeff - I took 267 pictures to go with your 267 beers, can we drink 267 beers tomorrow?
D - your TR comment will be on the wall at THE MANHEADED YETI, probably somewhere between ”WWFD” and ”let's crest this b@tch”, look at your XXL comment, 4 new thrift baskets (2 for Sarnelli)- can you get there?
Greg and TallGrass - For what its worth, this past week/weekend the high country finally got some snow.
EatinHardtack - solid day indeed for December!
Darrin - WHATAATATTTHE... a comment?!?! I'm honored cyberbuddy. Who are you? Don't forget your sweater!
Bill - since you are nearing retirement age, maybe you can get more practice in before we head out again? so glad you made it back safe.
Tyler - I'm glad you got to talk to your mom on the phone today. She misses you, but is in good hands. ”Titallating” is how she describes a lot of her favorite activities.
Craig - monster5 and dbaker are pretty upset about the timestamps too, maybe i can return the camera?

Did I mention in the fall of 1987 it was cold and icy on Sneffles...

Thanks for the comments gang. Appreciate it. Hopefully get out there with many of you soon. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Fun Times
12/13/2012 17:34
I really enjoyed the hike gentlemen!

Great Times
12/13/2012 17:40
With great friends.

Oh it was nice popping my 13er cherry as well. Glad we got that painful process overwith.

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