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Date Posted:  02/24/2013
Modified:  05/18/2013
Date Climbed:   01/05/2013
Author:  d_baker
 An Array of Gore   

Note to Readers: This picture report is on multiple peaks in the Gore Range -- spanning months and from all four seasons. I have several reasons on why I want to post this. One being that I want to experiment with Bill's recent report formatting enhancements, but ultimately it's out of boredom while on the road for work. It's because of this road assignment that I find myself dreaming of future adventures and reliving old. I hope you'll enjoy the photos and the short commentary!


The Array

Photo by Moe Kowbell, tags by me


Note: The above aerial (on the left) was taken in winter, 2013 by a TOP GUN pilot, Barry Johnson.
I think for the most part, the labels are accurate. With the exception of maybe Peaks I, S, T, and Dora Mtn. They're in the right area, but the exact summit I'm unsure of.

Piney Lake, the starting point of many an adventure...and discovery....






From Booth Lake trail head, more adventure awaits...


The W and SW aspects of West Partner



Q is for Quality

East vs. West



From the Pitkin trail head, finding Solitude is easy once off the main trail and in the alpine....






Let's check out that other trail head

In a Deluge, and in the clouds....

Snow is special

From Brush Creek trail head, we approached Slate Creek and lived life....




Don't forget that I said snow is special....and sometimes ice is nice too...

Mr. Stem Cell Cocktail

Keller plays with us


Some of the SE sirens of the range...




Until next time....thanks for stopping by.


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Comments or Questions
02/25/2013 01:04
...this is awesome.

I like your collection...
02/25/2013 02:18
Made me smile. I bet the Gores miss you too.

Be well!

02/25/2013 03:01
TR Darin.

I've had 2 awesome experiences in the Deluge Lake basin so I am especially fond of that Snow Peak shot.

I believe you can see ”Palamino Point” in the very bottom of the 1st photo but could be mistaken.

O wait, the Gores blow, dont go there.

Great pics
02/25/2013 15:31
Makes me want to head there. I've only done a few peaks in the Gores and seeing your pics means I'll be heading back soon. Except FOTM is correct - don't anyone spend anytime in the Gores. They are boring.

Nice set of pics!
02/25/2013 16:10
I hiked up to Booth Lake several years back as a warmup at the suggestion of Chi Transplant, my first experience in the Gore region. Lovely place! So many folk rave about the Gores and your display certainly makes them look more appealing all the time. Thanks for sharin', Darin!

PS: When did you move to LA??? Did I miss something, or is that a joke?

Peak C
02/25/2013 17:30
missing a label. I suspect A is Eagles nest and B is Powell. Where are U & V, D & E, never actually tried to figure them out, must be bumps.

I think I have a few left in there somewhere.

Excellent, Darin!
02/25/2013 18:47
Absolutely loved the pics and the conglomeration of all our favorite peaks. Ripsaw is there but its tough (perhaps impossible) to label out Peak C to Peak H.

Chicago Transplant
Great Pics!
02/25/2013 18:55
Great Pics Darin! Makes me want to visit the Gore someday... oh wait 8)

Dwight - U is West Partner and V is East Partner. D and E are ”bumps” on the Ripsaw w/o a lot of prominence.You are correct, A is Eagles Nest and B is Powell.

A swell array...
02/25/2013 20:23
Albeit GOREY.
Thanks for posting and I really like the pano pic with the peak ID!
Looks like you've enjoyed some phenomenal days in this range.
Here's wishing you many, many, many more.

02/25/2013 21:05
Thanks for the comments everyone!

Re: labels.
Many of the letter peaks, from C - H are blending together in the photo, thus not labeled. I can kind of make out H and maybe F or G, or it might be Black BM.
Powell blends in a little, but its summit slopes are distinguishable. Yes, Powell ”is” Pk B and Eagles Nest ”is” Pk A.
West Partner ”is” Pk U and East Partner ”is” Pk V.

@ MtnHub: No joke. But I don't like to think of it as moving here. BTW, I've been here since first part of February and I'll be here for several more months. I'll be missing snow climbing season this year! I hope to be able to leave by the end of June, but I have my doubts. We have 19 greens and about 90 tee boxes to build. We're going to be busy!

For Gore enthusiasts, name the locations of each photo(i.e., peak from which it was taken)....

Nice Array
02/25/2013 23:24
Great idea!

3rd pic is looking at Powell and C from one of the Corners.
3rd to last shot is on Red's southern slopes w/ Deming and the Drop in the background.
Spider and Fly in there somewhere (Booth pics).

Good usage of your time while in the bayou.

While we're at it
02/26/2013 03:11
Several of the labels could use better punctuation. You know. ”E. Partner” rather than ”E Partner.” Makes it look sloppy and whatnot. You have the time to fix it, but no big deal.

while we're at it... continued...
02/26/2013 04:23
the pictures really could use some timestamps

To be continued...
02/26/2013 11:32
”While I'm at it” I think I'll continue to add to this report and maybe swap out photos from time to time. You know. Since I have the time!

Dillon, I thought timestamps were so summer 2012 or something like that?

Monster, I didn't realize rock geek/slope specialists would be so particular about punctuation like that.

Thanks for the laughs!

Helmut, the third photo is from Meridian, looking back at the Corners (aka, Cataracts) and Powell and C like you pointed out.

Tired of the Bayous already?
02/26/2013 19:47
Nice pics of the Gores Darin. What did you decide to do to while away the time down there? There's always Duck Dynasty!

Cool idea
02/27/2013 02:20
cool idea for a trip report Darin.

That aerial view of the gore has been by desktop image at work for a while now!

03/01/2013 03:27
Shreveport is in northern Louisiana. Not much swampland around, nor gators that I know of. Lots of casinos though!
I've also heard this place referred to as East Texas. Kind of rednecky too, and it's hard to understand the local lingo. I really stand out at soon as I talk!

Rajun Cajun, I'll look into the Duck Dynasty. I still have your other list of suggestions to look at as well. I might buy a bike this weekend, and go riding along the Red River.

later, y'all. Does that sound southern like? ;)

Nice array...
03/06/2013 03:31
This TR is a pretty cool concept. But shouldn't the caption read West vs East? I hope you are doing well. Good to hear you are safe from the gators.

What is the hot sauce scene like down there? Can you send us some?

re: Summit Lounger in Photo #20

The only reason he wears the Exos 46 daypack is because he saw me wearing one first. Typical.

W to E
03/06/2013 11:24
Papi, yes, that would be the proper order but E vs. W flows better! And I like how the climbing angles offset one another. Maybe I'm weird.

I don't do hot sauce. Don't know the scene. I'll ask the amigos.

I hope you will settle things with Lounger with a fun & strong winter finisher like last year!

Dad Mike
08/12/2014 23:13
You must be really bored.

Sweet pictures Darin. My favorites are 2, 9 and 18.

Give those gators hell out there.

08/03/2016 20:39
your best report, Darin. Gores are special. Thanks for sharing!

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