Peak(s):  Mt. Wilson  -  14,246 feet
Sultan Mtn  -  13,368 feet
Grand Turk  -  13,180 feet
Aetna, Mt  -  13,745 feet
Date Posted:  04/03/2013
Modified:  12/08/2015
Date Climbed:   03/30/2013
Author:  benners
Additional Members:   CALC, mtnfiend, Elliot, lordhelmut
 Kicking Things Off in the Southern Mountains   

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Comments or Questions
these pictures are unreal
04/04/2013 03:41
nice report benners

Fabulous, Ben!
04/04/2013 03:45
I have been chomping at the bit for weeks now... thanks for the extra stoke!

Looks sick,
04/04/2013 04:03
Nice job, good to hear there still might be some riding in the San Miguels this May.

Really really really good stuff, Ben...
04/04/2013 04:11
...congrats to you, Helmut, and your crew!

Dave B
Awesome report...
04/04/2013 12:35 always. Glad you guys had a successful trip. Thanks for the eye candy.

my eyes hurt
04/04/2013 13:31
I shouldn't have looked at this report. The pictures hurt my eyes. Too much snow for me to miss while I'm down here in the South. I miss snow.

Nice report and descents, guys!

04/04/2013 14:12
Now that sounds like an awesome few days! The photos make me very jealous...

Welcome Spring
04/04/2013 14:58
Great report benners, useful beta on several lesser-known mountains and the photos are killer. The only negative is now I'm trying to figure out how to swing a trip to the SJs this weekend...

Fine report
04/04/2013 15:09
Nice re-cap Ben. I want that ”Uncharted Territory” poster from the Monarch Bates Motel.

Doesn't get much better with the views and ski potential around Grand Turk and Sultan.

Chicago Transplant
Looks like fun
04/04/2013 17:08
Nice looking lines and a great report. Here's hoping for a good spring!

Great TR Ben!
04/04/2013 19:00
Fun weekend guys. Let's do it again....and soon!

getting lucky down south!
04/04/2013 19:02
I think my luck expired after last weekend...Time to get out early a see some shooting stars again maybe ski some of that powder that closed vail pass for three hrs on Tuesday.

Love it!
04/04/2013 20:08
Finally told myself I was going to focus on getting some work done this afternoon and I made the mistake of clicking the trip reports tab. Didn't know if it was going to be you or Brian doing the write up but I have been looking forward to seeing something show up from you guys the last few days and it certainly didn't disappoint. Well done.

The Legend
04/05/2013 01:04
Nice report Ben it was a blast getting out there with you guys.

Are you guys sponsored?
04/05/2013 05:20

Awesome trip you guys
04/05/2013 15:31
I'll be posting your license plate in the Silverton area with this TR soon. So... is the Grand Couloir sleddable?

04/05/2013 15:35
@ Floyd - if you throw down enough Gordon's and Palate Wreckers, you might find yourself thinking the Boxcar is sleddable. Not 100% confident in Grand though. You have tree line to check your speed. Maybe you could install some sled crampons??

Thank You
04/05/2013 16:00
For the kind comments everyone. CALC, thanks again for all the booters. Hopefully the spring lasts for a few more trips like this one. We'll see!

Floyd, you can't kid about stuff like that! Specially after what happened to Helmut's car in YB. Luckily most of the tire slashers probably don't frequent, or even know how to operate a computer for that matter. Sledding the Grand eh? Problem is fall line takes you straight into a talus field about 2/3 of the way down. Might be possible with a parachute though...

Nice work!
04/05/2013 16:57
Super duper TR! Really enjoyed reading of your adventure. My wife and I are kicking ourselves for staying home last weekend. We were on the fence about the 12-hour (round trip) drive and couldn't find reliable beta on snow levels. We decided to bail and ski closer to home. Wish we had taken a gamble on the drive. You guys nailed it! Excellent job at making us jealous.

04/05/2013 17:30
It's tough taking the plunge sometimes for sure, especially in March! San Juans are so far away and if you were to head down there and get weathered off or have to can the trip due to avy danger, it'd be a long drive home. We were very fortunate. I'm sure you guys will have several more opportunitues!

Easy Rider
Gorgeous day!
04/05/2013 22:46
Nice to see you out there. It was fun watching you guys skiing. I wish I had a telephoto lens for that. BTW I like how you framed the reflection of the lamp on the dog in that poster.

I'd Expect Nothing Less
04/08/2013 21:44
Great work out there fellas. Awesome job getting after it and glad to hear the report back on a fine outing.

And fear not Benners! With this storm dumping another foot and one more on its heels, your Spring season may be saved yet. Here's hoping you guys are able to hit your other targets down South this year.

Nice Report!
04/09/2013 17:46
I was wondering how steep on average was slate creek cirque?

04/09/2013 18:05
to see you up there Jarret! Was a gorgeous day indeed. Thanks for putting in the booter up Sultan.

Zambo - Yeah the new snow will definitely help. Can't wait to hear about your trip down south.

Snowy - Overall the cirque is pretty tame (30 degrees or less) save for a headwall at the bottom (goes to maybe mid-thirties) and the very top section leading to the base of the summit block (low to mid-forties). We were able to skin to about 13,800' or so, then booted the final few hundred feet to the col south of the summit.

04/09/2013 18:59
One more question. How many miles round trip was it (for Mt. Wilson) and what class is the rock to the summit?

Distance and Difficulty
04/10/2013 14:43
We didn't measure, but friends of mine who have skied this same route have called it 12 miles from the Cross Mountain TH. That feels about right to me. The rock scrambling from the col south of the summit to the true summit is class 3, no higher. The exposure doesn't feel that bad either; not in the same ball park as climbing the standard route from Navajo Basin.

G'luck if you decide to head up there!

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