Peak(s):  Cirque Mtn  -  13,686 feet
Gilpin Pk  -  13,694 feet
Teakettle Mtn  -  13,819 feet
Potosi Pk  -  13,786 feet
Mt. Sneffels  -  14,155 feet
Date Posted:  05/01/2013
Modified:  12/08/2015
Date Climbed:   04/26/2013
Author:  benners
Additional Members:   CALC, Elliot, lordhelmut
 A Long Weekend Down South: Yankee Boy Basin 13ers   

Spirit of the Northern San Juans: Teakettle and Potosi, seen from Cirque Mountain, Yankee Boy Basin, April 26th.


Brian Miller (lordhelmut)
Elliot Halverson (Elliot)
Brian Calcatera (CALC)
Ben Conners (benners)

Ski descents of:

Stoney Mountain, Northwest Couloir (All)
Cirque Mountain, South Face (All)
Gilpin Peak, Northeast Couloir (benners, lordhelmut)
Teakettle Mountain, South Face/South Couloir (All)
Potosi Peak, North Couloir w/ exit out of Weehawken Creek (benners, lordhelmut)
Mount Sneffels, South Face "Birthday Chutes" (CALC, Elliot)

TR here:

Comments or Questions
05/02/2013 01:51
sensory overload

O my. Going to have to go back and read this thing again. So much to take in. It's been a while since I've had a good bushwhack. Awesome hike, climb, skin, ski camping weekend!

So sick..
05/02/2013 02:01
Way to get at it.. these reports lately have been awesome. Keep it up.

05/02/2013 02:40
Looks like top 3 in the zone! Great trip and report fellas! Lets hope we keep getting refreshers.

Nice work
05/02/2013 03:43
You guys oughta write a book or something...

05/02/2013 03:49
My lord, guys! Talkin about killing it in Yankee Boy! Damn. Awesome stuff, Ben. Maybe I should have joined you guys. Just dont tell Kristine I said that. Good work all the way around. Can't imagine any weekend topping that!

only thing you forgot Ben
05/02/2013 03:58
Is the 129$ of food we bought. 1 pound of ground beef, 4 beef patties, Bruitoni Tortolini, 6 cans of pringles, bag of pita chips, garlic hummus, spicy guacamole, pesto basil for the pasta, 3 bags of Snyder's pretzel bits, 16 Gatorades, 2 jugs of H2O (both artisan and distilled - no difference detected), 5 bombers, 6 Happy Campers, 6 Hop Abominations, a bullet riddled Broville Grill, 4 pack of Red Bulls, pound of sweet and spicey trail mix, 20 reece's peanut butter cups, 20 peppermint patties, brick of cheese, 20 pack of tortillas, 10 apples, 6 bananas, 3 bags of Brookstone dark chocolate covered blueberries, pomagrantes and gonji berries and a partridge in a pear tree.............

F**h Yeah!!

Fantastic report dudes!
05/02/2013 12:21
Sounds like you guys had 4 great days of skiing. Well done!

Love it
05/02/2013 13:11
Great job,guys!

Carl is right... sensory overload.

Well done Gents.
05/02/2013 14:32
Just don't go spoiling that Weehawken thing for anyone.

Way to get after it! I hope to slog around Yankee Boy this time of year some day. Seems kind of a waste until I learn to ski though.

Helmut, 1# of beef and 20 tortillas? Seems kind of light to me.

Bruitoni Tortolini
05/02/2013 15:38
that alone would have made the trip worthwhile.... looks like a sweet outing fellas, great TR!

Nice Work!
05/02/2013 15:49
Wow, such great lines all over!

Looks like I have the trip at the top of my list for next year! It just never gets any shorter, does it?

Chicago Transplant
05/02/2013 17:40
That basin has so many lines worth exploring, unfortunately it may have to wait another year for me though. Work got busy at the wrong time!

05/02/2013 21:34
Nice work on potosi fellas, great trip report Ben, thank you for the kind words.

Kevin Baker
Sweet trip guys
05/03/2013 02:22
Looks like great conditions in the SJ's! Hard to believe north facing lines are already setting up there. Nice job on getting Teakettle's summit block with snow, Ben! That Weehawken descent must have been painful.

I'm bouncin' up and down inside...
05/03/2013 22:34
after reading this TR! What an awesome bunch of pictures. Congrats again on getting all of those peaks skied. What a trip...and trip report!

And thanks again for all of your texts, PM's and beta on Teakettle. It was a blessing to follow in your footsteps to get Teakettle the day after you.

I'm still reeling from that trip and your TR! Great job!

I get
05/04/2013 01:46
scared on green runs.

Awesome work, guys! Fantastic pics and a great read. Congrats!

05/04/2013 01:54
very, very nice

05/04/2013 17:05
You got a ”Dislike” from a ”Legend”

He probably hates snow!

05/04/2013 22:42
The Legend doesn't like 13ers.
Maybe he doesn't like skiers.
Maybe he does hate snow!
Could it be Keith?!

Awesome report, Ben. I like it!

05/05/2013 05:15
Thank you all for the comments!

Brandon - There's always next time man! Gores this summer?
Dillon - That tortolini with pesto is the best camp food I can think of or imagine.
Kevin - Weehawken. Definitely not a good basin to venture into during snow season but what a beautiful place.
Britt - Stoked that you guys got it too! Thanks for the kind words and it was good to see you again!
Bill, Darin - Maybe it was something I said?

Happy turns/trails everyone

So good!
05/05/2013 22:59
You guys killed it. What an awesome set of descents you put together, taking apart an entire basin line by line. And good call car camping it. We had a blast learning snow camping skills and removing ourselves from civilization by a couple of miles, but by no means was it necessary or relevent to any of our mountaineering objectives.

Appreciate the beta on both Gilpin's north line and the Potosi exit.

God dang is YBB a high-density rad zone. Look forward to many more trips there in the future. Thanks for the sweet report!

Wicked Cool
05/06/2013 12:18
Awesome work and trip report. Magazine cover material.

Over beers the previous night ....
05/06/2013 19:22
Brian convinced me. Dude, seriously ... anytime a sentence starts with ”over beers the previous night”, you know you're both deserving of all that is in store for you. Stellar trip report. Jaw-dropping photos. Awesome descent lines. Beautiful views. Wonderful company. And, thank you Brian, a thorough food list. Take care and thanks for posting. Happy trails!

05/06/2013 21:26
What a difference a week makes. I skied Sneffels yesterday (May 5) and the snow was really suncupped and baked. The conditions are nothing like you guys had. North facing stuff may be ok for a little while but south and west are done. I remember a few years ago Brian wanted to spend some time in Yankee Boy and hit all those lines, you guys finally did it. Awesome trip report and pics, solid weekend.

05/07/2013 14:01
Brennan - Thanks man! You're trip looked awesome as well. Looks like we got slightly better weather and you got slightly better snow.
jasay, BostonBD - Thanks fellas!
Presto - Of course you're right. We were deserving, I just didn't think it'd be that bad .
Eatin - That's crazy. Looking at that Sneffels TR that just posted it's amazing how brown and bare things have gotten in just a short time. There was a thick dust layer lurking just underneath the surface when we were down there, once that started to heat up and expose itself on the surface it marked the beginning of the end. It was also HOT every single day when we were down there with nothing but more hot, bluebird days in the forecast. San Juans are great but they just crossed the line of not being worth the drive from Denver for the conditions anymore this year.

05/09/2013 21:18
Can't believe you left out describing the food... I'm glad Brian covered that base.

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