Peak(s):  Compilation - 13000
Date Posted:  06/19/2013
Date Climbed:   06/19/2013
Author:  lordhelmut
 Spring 2013 Review : An Underrated Season   

2011 was obviously a pretty cool time to be skiing in the state of Colorado, but 2013 kind of snuck up at the last minute. Thanks for a handful of late season dumps, the winter was salvaged and the spring prolonged. Not much to add from a beta standpoint, just a way of finding some closure to the season and sharing some knowledge picked up along the way, on both the mountain and in life. Enjoy :

Things I learned over the winter/spring of 2012/13:

When your brother gets back from Afghanistan and discharged from the army, take him to ski Baldy Mountain in powder :


Dogs are fun to take on tours......


And they love powder just as much as we do......


Even if you wait till 12:30, you'll still ski coral reef, but at least it'll come with a nice view....


If you scout a line down valley one weekend......


Go ski it the next (with a chick who will show you up!)


Pringles flavor debates are a healthy activity for mountaineers......


Just don't get too sidetracked and skin near a reservoir with 2 inches of ice in June......


There is no such thing as too much Gatorade......


And Barbeque sauce on Mac N'Cheese is better than you'd think......


Hungry? Why wait?


Oh yeah, Thomas Lakes Bowl is pretty cool......

Image is Slate Creek Cirque


Never miss out on an opportunity to run ahead from the group and take advantage of a moment to yourself.......


When you see an untouched North face of Sayres Benchmark.....


Go ski it


Wich Which doesn't know the difference between a 14er and a 13er....


You can find powder just about anywhere, even in grundle debris fields


When you own a portable grill, no time or place is out of the question to fire it up....


When you see a line like this....don't ski it (in fact - don't ski in the Sangres!)


But do ski this Chugach-esque face


Grizzly Peak makes for a nice background shot on the Geisslers.....


Big Eyes Couloir is a worthy endeavor - even when you are receiving a wind enema....


Makes you appreciate days like these on Twining that much more.....


You can shoot a 40$ Coleman grill from Walmart with a 20 gauge -it'll still cook your food just fine...


Lakeview Campground is good for many things, and this view is at the top of that list.....


This force of nature is cool to look at - nothing else.....


Never overlook a 12er - even in Yankee Boy Basin.....


Hope you can have as much fun as this guy when you reach your 60's.....


And never forget why you're out here!


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Comments or Questions
Smokin Yards!
06/20/2013 02:50
One doesn't need to know how to ski to appreciate this TR, Brian. Well done. Glad your brother is back safe from Afghanistan. Picture #14, excellent advice... Oh and Pringles flavor... obviously, Plain Original - Great compilation!

Wich Which
06/20/2013 02:57
Doesn't know the difference! I always forget to take the damn thing. Cool pictures!

Awesome Brian
06/20/2013 03:38
Looks like you had a great spring!

Just wondering...
06/20/2013 03:57
What is that guy doing in the background of Image 9?

Agree with everything Dillon said except...
06/20/2013 04:17
original pringles... They are like ”The Pond” in Jaws - for old ladies. I'm a cheddar cheese man myself. Anyone have a problem with that, come at me...

The #1 thing I took away from this TR is the smiling faces. Signs of great days.

I hope to share a grill, tailgate and trail with you all in the coming months.

Nice f---ing delivery...

06/20/2013 04:31
Cheeseburger flavor, hands down.

Broville Grill In The House
06/20/2013 12:48
Looks like a great spring, man.

Classic Trip Report ...
06/20/2013 14:05
Totally! Thanks for taking the time to share yourself with us, Brian. Love all the photos ... your joy in the arena of life on this earth is evident. The captions are inventive, entertaining and worthy (and you included enough food to keep me satisfied). Happy trails!

06/20/2013 14:24
Dillon - thanks for the comments. We shall continue this Pringles debate at a later time and place. Funny how you know that was Smokin Yards.

MountainDawg - I always forget to, but that picture still got me a free sandwich, even though I was standing below 14k.

Sayres - Glad you enjoyed the foods shots, they can be half the fun of all this stuff

Zach T - any spring is a good spring, this one seemed better than most. Hope all is well.

Mongoose - good question. I think its Benners performing his version of a photo bomb by dropping a bomb?

Papi - Cheddar cheese is slowly working its way up the list, specially now with the 20% more cans (for the same price). Thanks man, you certainly couldn't do a compilation of your life in a cubicle.

Kansas - would you care to inform where these cheeseburger flavor pringles are located? Is that a Garden City thing? Is that what they feed the gorillas at the Lee Richardson Zoo?

Matt and Presto - thanks for the notes. Might as well enjoy the provided arenas of life on this earth while we can.

The Good Life
06/20/2013 15:01
You had me at the bacon. And then your threw in the Slate Creek Cirque and Big Eyes pics and I was done for. Thanks for making a work day a little easier on the head.

Jalapeno Pringles are the 11th essential.

So that's where you've been hiding...
06/20/2013 15:29
Looking forward to getting out sans planks. Was there ever any doubt that was Smokin' Yards?!?! A TR with so many Helmut-isms and so little typing space.

Very glad to hear your brother made it back safely and this time for good.

Loaded Baked Potato Pringles and Rain Berry Gatorade.... Ahh, just a week away.

Twas a great spring indeed
06/20/2013 17:23
With a spring filled with a lot of un-pleasantries, I'm grateful for all the fun and memorable experiences Brian.

Thank you, and here's to many more!

06/20/2013 18:12
It's been fun doing so while scrolling through this report. From company car'ing the Broville Grill to devouring hamburgers grilled in bacon grease, staring in disgust down lines resembling Al Davis' grundle to staring in awe at a rapid that would break your body in half, this was one hell of a season. And then there was the skiing.

Love the one and done style summary report! I need to start doing it this way.

Awesome Recap
06/20/2013 20:07
Great finally getting out with you on a few this spring. Is it a bad thing that the dread of having to start walking down peaks has me looking forward to next spring already?

06/20/2013 20:29
To a great spring 2013 fellas! So many great memories. That clinton line is one of the great couloirs in summit county...big eyes deming silver and peak 1 down to I 70 top I forgeting somthing here?

06/21/2013 01:24
I dig the format... nice to see all of your fun times, awesome scenes and smiling faces in one fell swoop.

Re: Pringles... you've gotta start importing sleeves from different countries, pick up some of those prawn cocktail and liver pate flavors, or whatever the hell they were.

06/21/2013 01:30
Gatorade: Glacier Cherry has been a favorite lately.
Pringles: Still partial to Salt N Vinegar.

I don't know where half of those photos were taken, but I'm glad you took the time to share them with us. Nice one Helmut.

06/21/2013 03:01
That shot is sweet. Looks like an awesome spring indeed, great report.

nice compilation
06/22/2013 01:32
Unbelievable spring, thanks for the recap, great to get out there with you and share some great skis.

Right on Brian!
06/22/2013 03:01
Pringles... the flavor doesn't matter, but you need to learn to play Butt Darts with the container.

Nice, Brian
06/22/2013 13:44
A great send-off to a great bc ski season!!

I do NOT like wind enemas

XC Snowboarder
Say it isn't so?
06/22/2013 15:15
The season did turn out to be a really fun one and I think I am done.... Glad to get out there with you a few days and Sayres had the best conditions of the season. What a surprise and treat it was off the top.
”Who buys original?”

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