Peak(s):  West Spanish Pk  -  13,626 feet
California Pk  -  13,849 feet
PT 13,577  -  13,577 feet
PT 13,660 A  -  13,660 feet
Horn Pk  -  13,450 feet
Culebra Peak  -  14,053 feet
Red Mtn A  -  13,908 feet
Date Posted:  08/07/2013
Modified:  12/08/2015
Date Climbed:   06/09/2013
Author:  benners
Additional Members:   lordhelmut
 Sojourns in the Sangres   

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Comments or Questions
Nicely done.
08/07/2013 20:36
West has been on my hit list for 3 years now but it keeps getting put off for various reasons. Need to change that.

I found myself on Culebra again this year as well, despite all the naysayers, I really enjoy that peak and area. You're right, having the privilege to climb it is not lost on this guy.

PS- A couple of La Cumbres from that fridge ended up in Kansas as well, great beer.

Solid report.
08/07/2013 21:37
With great pics. Guess I gotta put Culebra and Red on my list...

Also, FWIW - Personally, I thought East was a bit tougher than West, And a whole lot less people.

Anna-Lisa's Toenails ...
08/07/2013 21:58
Are so pretty. What a treat to see you two on a summit shot TOGETHER! Love it. Just a beautifully visual report, Ben (and Brian). Thanks for posting. Happy trails!

You guys hike too?
08/07/2013 23:20
I opened this up expecting to see something life threatening but instead saw the prettiest toenails I've seen on a climber . Seriously, nice report Ben... hopefully we can get out on something this year.

Amazing pics and a great read!
08/08/2013 02:05
I agree with you whole-heartedly about how lucky we are to access culebra and red.
I was debating whether or not to poach Red, but after thinking about it, I concluded that this is someone's backyard. They are allowing us to play in it instead of locking us out, and that's both awesome and convenient. I'm pretty sure I got some of my money back by taking a few extra vitamin waters and granola (candy) bars.

Nice, Ben!!!
08/08/2013 03:34
Great shots of peaks, sunrise, trees, dunes, little piggies, and beer.
You even had a Mennoguy sighting. Those are welcome surprises, as Highpilgrim and I can attest.
All that's missing is the Broville Grill (is that in my garage?).
I'm glad you enjoyed the La Cumbre, too--IPA at its finest.

WOW nice pics
08/08/2013 03:55
Really makes me want to check this area out in the summer. I have a book that I should pass on to you about the SGC Land Grant. Forbes Trinchera ect.

Matt-Take it easy on the broville grill if you indeed do have possesion its a very delicate piece of equipment...

It's a bold strategy, Cotton
08/08/2013 05:28
Posting this in-depth of a TR in the summer, that is. But as usual, this one is awesome!

I've always loved the Sangres. I'll never forget the first time we drove the full length of them North to South en route to the sand dunes. This area is awesome and it's great to see you guys getting out.

Excellent pics and commentary. Looking forward to one more Sangre outing together soon!

PS: Oh, nice big capitals. It's the little things. ;)

Nice !
08/08/2013 13:26
Southern Colorado definitely has it's treasures, and you've found many of them. Being from Canon City, I spend a lot of time exploring these same areas. LaVeta is truly special, and the locals are super friendly. On a solo hike of East Spanish Peak, I got a flat tire. Not only did a local stop to help me.....but he called his friend at 6:30 AM to open his service station in LaVeta to repair my tire and get me back on my way - they charged me $10, gave me breakfast and coffee while I was waiting, and had me back in route to my hike by 7:15 AM. Aren't the volcanic dykes in route to Cuchara amazing sites ???? I'm sorry about the bad beta on the road to Music Pass. A few years back, it was graded and vastly improved to allow 2wd traffic. There must have been no maintenance on it since then for it to go to shambles like that.

Great report, Ben
08/08/2013 20:12
I somehow almost missed this one!

I agree with Presto, the summit shot of you and Anna-Lisa is lovely. Nice to see her making you eat your veggies and (hopefully) limiting your hot sauce consumption.

Sweet photos. Looks like a chilly day on Horn!

08/08/2013 23:52
Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

Chupacabra - Sure thing man! Just passing along what the wise men have shown me.
Kansas - West rocked and is a great place to hang your hat too. Glad I managed to nab a Cumbre from that fridge bountiful fridge!
Jay - Good to know! I'll have to go back someday.
Presto - Thanks! I get her out now and again, but it has to be summer .
Prakash - Haha, I agree man! Lemme know if you have any set plans.
zd - Agreed. My perspective on the Culebra/Red thing has changed a lot in the past few weeks.
Matt - Thanks for the Cumbre and I didn't realize mennoguy sightings were a rarity. Glad I got to experience that!
Elliot - The Broville Grill is in safe hands and ready for some spring 2014 target practice .
Zambo - Thanks man. It is indeed a risk, one that's not always worth it. But it was fun to do some writing regardless.
mtgirl - No worries on the road, seriously! Our weekend turned out great, we have zero regrets. Good to hear the locals down there are that generous.
Sarah - Thank you! That was the healthiest meal I've ever eaten in the backcountry. And I can't imagine why you nearly missed this one . I wonder if that guy takes up seven parking spaces when he goes to the store?

Solid recap of solid times...
08/09/2013 01:09
I've always felt your photography skills are very underrated, Ben. You capture great images on all of your adventures. Congrats on getting out with A.L. She is a sweet girl. And drinking the Gubna equates to not f---ing around!

re: Broville Grill

The grill is a stove not a grill. I've seen it live. Now all you skiers come at me! I will take you all!!!!!

08/09/2013 04:24
i read slow! nice report Benners. Looking forward to getting out with you one of these days man!

08/09/2013 14:11
Kevin - ”Broville Stove” doesn't have the same ring to it . Thanks for the comment man! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.
Dillon - Thanks! I hear you're interested in RMNP...

I love Cuchara area...
08/09/2013 23:21
so much we bought a cabin there and own land near Cordova Pass. We've been going there for years and have climbed West peak countless times. Never tire of the beauty and power of that place. A real hidden gem alright. And yes, Jay521, East Peak is a lot tougher. Thanks for a great TR!

08/10/2013 16:47
I'd love to own property in that area someday. What a backyard! Sounds like I'm definitely heading back for east someday. Those peaks ever get any snow??

Oh yeah
08/12/2013 04:30
They get snow! In fact, the access to Cordova Pass (and our property) stops usually in November as the road is snowed-in and unplowed. Can't get there until usually mid May, unless you snowshoe.

08/27/2013 03:33
Great report!!

Thanks Ben!
09/05/2013 15:27
Was great meeting you up there. Enjoyed the convo and beer at the gate.

Excited about this TR, but link's not working
02/26/2014 15:25
I get an ”Oops! That page can‘t be found.” I see the beginning of the TR on the site (link below), but when I click ”Keep reading...” it takes me to the same not-found page.

Is there another way to view the TR? Thanks in advance!

Edit: Nevermind! If I click on the title (SOJOURNS IN THE SANGRES) the TR comes up..or it at least takes me to ”Our First Taste of Summer: West Spanish Peak 6.9.13” (and others). Looks like the correct link is now this?

02/26/2014 15:52
Try it now, not sure what the deal was. It's possible I just copied the link over incorrectly. Thanks for letting me know!

Works perfectly!
02/26/2014 18:01
Thanks so much!

No problem!
02/26/2014 18:02
I hope you enjoyed visiting our site!

I do have a quick question though...
02/26/2014 19:11
I want to do this early in the season, but not sure my Grand Marquis can make it to the TH. How would you rate the road? The most it can do is a 3 (Easy 4WD) which was Grays TH, but I might have been lucky and did it soon after it was graded.

02/27/2014 21:16
Once things are dried out the road is pretty easy. We were able to get there in a Honda Accord with minimal issues, and I've gotten vehicles with even less clearance up there in the past. The only time it can be problematic is when it's wet/muddy. I'm assuming you're asking about the road to the TH for California by the way.

04/18/2014 19:27
Great report man and thanks for the new beer suggestions.

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