Peak(s):  Pikes Peak  -  14,109 feet
Date Posted:  09/09/2013
Date Climbed:   09/08/2013
Author:  emohr
Additional Members:   jlarson630
 Pikes Peak via Barr Trail   

Pikes Peak via Barr Trail

Peak: Pikes Peak
Route: Barr Trail
Distance: 26 Miles
Elevation Gain: 7,500'
Class: Class 1
Crew: emohr, jlarson630, Ginevra
Hike Time: 9 Hours
Difficulty: 8/10

Barr Trail is a Roach *Classic* that climbs the world famous East Face of Pikes Peak. After several minutes of intense research, I was able to confirm that this route is not only the longest route offered on, but also has the single greatest elevation gain of any route on the site. The longest route I had done before this was the 13 miles, 7,500' gain of The Mizzelford. I had done the up half of Barr Trail before, and immediately put "Completing Barr Trail" on my bucket list. Luckily for me, I have a climbing partner who is equally as dumb as me, who needed Pikes to complete The Front Range 14ers. Jake(jlarson630) was more than willing to go for the full 26 of Barr. Things fell into place, and we planned our 26 mile adventure for September 8th, the day after The Pikes Peak Challenge. I wish I would have planned things better and actually done the PPC; it would have made the 78 miles that Jake, Ginevra, and I hiked that day a lot more poignant.

The Ascent

We arrived at the Barr Trail Parking Lot at 4:00AM, paid our $5 parking pass, and began our seemingly endless day. It was pretty surprising to see so many cars and people in the parking lot, but we didn't see anyone until we reached Barr Camp.

Team Masochism.. and that guy

When it says this route is Class 1, it really means the entire route. The first portion of the day is following several sets of switchbacks followed by flat, straight paths for 6.5 miles to Barr Camp. We arrived to a quiet, and empty Barr Camp 2.25 hours into the hike. We were making good time, and the sun was just about bright enough to put the headlamps away. We knocked out the first 1/4 of the hike in pretty good time, and we continued to march up the switchbacks above Barr Camp

Sun rising on the switchbacks above Barr Camp.

18,426 switchbacks... I counted

Knowing there were donuts only 810 vertical feet away from me was all the motivation I needed

Traversing one of the handful of switchbacks that crosses the the whole East Face

Felt like there were more than that...

At 9:00 AM, we arrived at the summit, 5 hours after started. The 13 miles up were getting pretty hard on my legs, but I knew I would be fine for the 13 down because A) I would get to use some different muscles going down and B) I would get to do some serious refueling at the summit gift shop

13 down, 13 to go!

Captain Colorado: Serving High Altitude Justice. Barr Trail was a "memorable" way for Jake to finish off The Front

The views from the summit are truly unlike any other 14er

I won't say Pikes Peak was my favorite summit, but I didn't get no cheeseburger or donuts on Blanca!

The Descent

I've done some serious slogging in my day, but the final 13 miles of Barr Trail will forever be in the Slog Hall of Fame in my mind. The first 11 miles went by surprisingly easy and quickly, but the last 2 were just terrible. I think my legs have a maximum output of 30 miles in a day, so after mile 24, everything in my legs started to hurt. By the time I woke up the next day, it felt like I woke up from one of my high school football games. Absolutely brutal. #YOLO

Rolling clouds providing a break from the sun. We saw 20-25 people ascending this above timberline section during our descent

Clouds covering the boulder slopes

And just when we thought the highlights of the trip had already come and gone...

... Jake finds the most realistic rock buttocks our young eyes have ever seen! He's a modern day geoproctologist!

Rock Butt!!!! (The previous 15 miles were starting to get to us)

Farewell Rock Butt. Until... well I'm never doing Barr Trail again, so I'll never see you again. Glad I got the pictu




Looking South towards Lake Moraine



Oh yeah baby, Fall is on its way!

What are you looking at??


One last break before we begin that brutal final 6 miles

Barr Camp is in a league of it's own. Where else can you find such awesome hospitality ON a 14er??


At the point, my body stopped working. The final 2 miles were 2 of the longest, slowest, hardest miles I've ever hiked

Completing the full 26 miles in Chacos was almost as satisfying as watching Peyton throw 7 touchdowns against The Ravens. Alm

After 1 hour on the summit, and 9 hours of hiking, we made it back to the car at 2:00PM. To put it simply, this was a long, memorable day


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Comments or Questions
09/09/2013 23:31
nice job Eric!

09/10/2013 02:09
...the brutality of Pikes via Barr trail! This was my intro to 14ers some 16 years ago. Well done and thanks for bringing back the memories!

Craig Cook
Just missed you!
09/10/2013 07:21
I did the Pikes Peak Challenge the previous day, Eric!

However, I did not descend. That 26-mile round trip was my first 14er, and while I've ascended Barr Trail twice since then, I will never (at least I hope not) do the 13 miles back down. Those last few miles are a torture I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Way to get it off your bucket list!

The slogggiest of slogs
09/10/2013 13:27
Mile 6.5:”Damn were doing over 3mph!”
Mile 13:”ddonnuttsss”
Mile 23: ”traa lalalala”.
Mile 24: ”ouch ouch ouch ouch”
Mile 26: ”were never doing that again.”

09/10/2013 23:18
@Dillon - I'm sorry I made the typo and made it sound like I was the first person EVER to complete this haha

@Raj & @Craig - I can't believe this is how you guys started your 14ers! I'm surprised you guys were still willing to do more after that haha congrats on your summit with Noel, Craig! Looks like you guys had a good time. Hats off to you for being able to keep up with her haha

@Jake - Mile 15: BUTT ROCK, Mile 26: Pizza, beer, sleep, pizza, beer, sleep

Way to rock the Peak!
09/11/2013 16:04
Great job and amazing pics!! I was happy to get a ride down from this hike...was my 9th time up Pikes....figured a ride down was warranted. .

09/25/2013 01:28
Chaco's rock (although I do hike in Keens, Chaco's are my after hike favorites)! We hiked up Barr on 9/9 but took the train down (in my defense we had bagged Greys/Torreys on 9/6 and Bel-Ox on 9/7 and were wiped). Only 49 more to go!

And your photos are AWESOME

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