Peak(s):  Emerald Pk  -  13,904 feet
Iowa Pk  -  13,831 feet
Missouri Mountain  -  14,067 feet
"Lackawanna"  -  13,823 feet
Date Posted:  06/01/2015
Modified:  06/02/2015
Date Climbed:   05/30/2015
Author:  dillonsarnelli
Additional Members:   B_5280, jblyth, Zambo, Marmot72
 Emerald from Missouri Gulch - With a Side of Belford and Lackawanna   

Emerald from Missouri Gulch - With a Side of Belford and Lackawanna

Those on foot:
Peaks: Emerald Peak (13,904), Iowa Peak (13,831), Missouri Mountain (14,067)
Date: May 30, 2015
Trailhead: Missouri Gulch
Distance: ~ 14 miles
Elevation Gain: ~6,300 ft.
Participants: Steve Cummins, Dillon Sarnelli

Those on skis:
Peak: Mount Belford (14,197')
Participants: David Yarian, Jason Blyth

Extra Credit: "Lackawanna" (13,823') - May 31, 2015 - Brad Peterson, David Yarian, Jason Blyth, Steve Cummins, Dillon Sarnelli

In January I summited California Peak with Zambo. While descending the summit ridge I became dizzy and disoriented. "Zambo, is this what altitude sickness feels like?!?" An extra strength ibuprofen got me back to the car.

Fast forward to March, I attempted Shavano and Tab with Danny. At about 12,500 in the Angel my head began to pound and my legs stopped functioning on all cylinders. "Is this really happening again?" After some egging, I was able to convince Danny to go ahead and get the summits. I took a nap on a rib of grass as Danny bulldozed upward. 45 minutes later I painfully dragged my sorry self to the summit of Shavano. On the 7 mile descent back to the car I was a zombie and this time an ibuprofen had no effect. Danny's good company and sense of humor are the only reason I'm not still crawling back to the jeep.

These were the only 2 outings I took this winter. They're also in the running for what could have been the only 2 times I left my chair this tax season. I'd like to think that the altitude sickness was the result of a lack of sleep, food, and water, but in the grand scheme of things, I will put it square on putting too much focus on work and not enough on myself. Keep Reading...

Emerald from Missouri Gulch - With a Side of Belford and Lackawanna

Emerald from Missouri Gulch - With a Side of Belford and Lackawanna

Comments or Questions
Great writeup
06/01/2015 19:56
Really enjoyed reading this one...nice photos too. And way to get after it jason, glad there was at least 1 splitboarder at the gathering representing!

06/01/2015 20:15
Heck of a two days there. Doesn’t look like much snow has melted from Missouri’s NW ridge from when I was up there two weeks ago!

Lessons Learned
06/01/2015 20:54
What I learned on this trip:
-I doubt I’ll ever see Jason with his pants off that many times again.
-Without a doubt, the most difficult way to ascend Belford is via Elkhead Pass and then the Belfox saddle (without an Oxford Summit).
-BV on the River almost makes Buena Vista liveable.
-Steve is the master at going through willows - follow this man.
-When you have dream about Rick getting into the car to sleep with you, it has officially become a nightmare. (I’ll uh, explain later Rick...)
-Anyone of these guys is worth getting out with any time.

Great write up and TR Dilly! You’re really good at this. Thanks for capturing an awesome weekend and being our photographer. Great outing all!

06/01/2015 22:41
It was a great crew and we couldn’t ask for better weather! Great photos, Dillon, and thanks for leading the tracks up Missouri –and the wallowing in the lower basin!

This report
06/02/2015 08:15
Reinforces my desire to go and wallow in the willows of the Missouri gulch sometime soon...Nicely done to all! Also, Lacka willows are entirely avoidable if you hug the left side as you hike up from hwy.

Looks fun
06/02/2015 09:50
Good work splitting up the days, groups, modes of travel, and objectives, and arriving at a great weekend for everyone involved. Nice job all!

06/02/2015 18:25
Nice report and route. For what its worth I did ski off the summit of Missouri that same day, although the other 3 in my party went from that notch just below.

06/02/2015 21:58
Alex – thanks man. Glad you read it! I think the gathering was over at Yale. They don’t let italian rifraf from nj like me go to those. Next time JB could use some splitboard company!

Matt – For sure. It’s amazing how bad ass it looks in there blanketed in snow compared to summer. Thanks for reading man. Hope you’re enjoying that ride!

Zambino – Anytime! BV, who knew... I added "a lot of people think I have a motorcycle" to the last paragraph too. haha. Great time homes!

Steve – Gendarme Steve, maybe I should call you Glissading Steve instead, nah Gendarme Steve is more gangsta! Great time out there with you!

Natalie – and wallow we did on the way out. holy crap. I told myself I wasn’t going to remember that 2 hours of my life that I lost. Oh and on Lacky we hugged the good side on the descent. good call!

Ben – Thanks. JB was the brainchild. I’m not that coordinated. Rick’s Meeker pics looked sick.

smitchell333 – thanks and well done to you too! We took the high road over the towers so it was difficult to tell. Amazing how much snow is in there. Hope you had a great weekend as well.

So much snow!
06/03/2015 12:26
Sweet report dude – but if anybody asks I don’t have a sense of humor and my company is never good. Hard enough keeping the groupies away as it is, you know.

Gilbert’s Groupies
06/05/2015 09:03
Thanks D! Do all Ned royalty have groupies? If any of these groupies are hearty folk from Ward we might have to temporarily ship you back to Saskatchewan for safe keeping. The Sangres are calling and we must go pal.

well done all
06/04/2015 09:13
Nice write up Dillon!

Zambo - Are you positive that was a dream??

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