Peak(s):  Vestal Peak  -  13,864 feet
Arrow Peak  -  13,803 feet
"West Trinity"  -  13,765 feet
Trinity Peak  -  13,805 feet
"East Trinity"  -  13,745 feet
Date Posted:  09/02/2015
Date Climbed:   08/28/2015
Author:  dillonsarnelli
Additional Members:   jblyth, Zambo, mtnfiend
 The Grenadier's Finest - Vestal, Arrow & the Trinities   

The Grenadier's Finest - Vestal, Arrow & the Trinities

Peaks: Vestal Peak (13,864'), Arrow Peak (13,803'), West Trinity (13,765'), Trinity Peak (13,805'), East Trinity (13,745')
Dates: August 27-30, 2015
Trailhead: Elk Creek via Molas Pass and the Train
Approach: Vestal Basin
Participants: David Yarian, Jason Blyth, Rick Thompson, Dillon Sarnelli

Me: "Hey boys, let's hit up Vestal Basin in 2015!". Rick: "Hell yeah!". David: "The Wham!". Jason: "Yer gonna die!".

Me: "I think we should do it from Molas Pass". Silence...

And so in that short conversation last fall we at least got the ball rolling. Fast forward through the laziest winter of all time on my part to a spring and summer that has been nothing but the opposite. August was finally here. Wham Bam Wemi Weekend '15 was upon us. With Jason exploring Saskatchewan, Zambo away at summer camp, and Rick... (we actually don't know what Rick's been up to other than it involves Tinder, his basement, handcuffs, skis and maybe one of his neighbors pets), the 4 of us hadn't had an opportunity to all get out in the hills at the same time this year. An extended weekend in the San Juans was about to fix all that. Keep reading...

The Grenadier's Finest - Vestal, Arrow & the Trinities

The Grenadier's Finest - Vestal, Arrow & the Trinities

Comments or Questions
Mighty fine, guys!
09/02/2015 07:13
Sweet trip for sure! Thanks for sharing!

Stunning photos
09/02/2015 07:43
that capture the experience well. You’ve done it, I have to go back and do it again I blame your photos... Which route did you take on Trinities? Did you drop down to the back side towards the Balsam lake? We did that and it was good scrambling from that side, but I’d like to find the upper traverse that stays on Trinity lake side next time I am there.

09/02/2015 08:02
This is (and has been for quite some time) number one on my list of places to visit. Damn. You’ve got some great photos there.

09/02/2015 09:08
Thanks for the share Dillon!

Awesome report
09/02/2015 09:21
as usual. Looks like a hell of a trip! Nice work man!

Storm’s Coming!
09/02/2015 12:34
We now know the perfect Colorado formula for avoiding weather:

Step 1: Bring a Sarnelli.
Step 2: Ask Zambo to predict rain soon.

Haha....what an awesome report, buddy. Your pictures and words never fail to impress. This one is easily the funniest yet. And you capture so many of the jokes from the weekend: air jordan, our friend the deer, the case of beer, anal sandstorming.....I’m just upset you didn’t use the sleeping beauty pic of yourself. Maybe that one would have been enough to lure out the phantom single women for you and Rick.

But awesome report dude. Thanks for putting it together and documenting the trip so well. This one was special. No Name 2016?

09/02/2015 22:37
Great TR of my two fave peaks – nicely done Dillon. That alpenglow photo...

thanks gang
09/03/2015 00:15
Doug - I just saw your email last week! I’m terrible. If I’m still worthy, count me in for 2016 for sure!

Natalie - thanks! You are everywhere and I owe you like 30 TR comments. haha. Pretty awesome! We were on the Balsam side for a bit low and almost as high as ridge proper for a while as well. I didn’t even know there was a traverse on the north side?!?!

Cameron - me too man, you wont be disappointed that’s for sure. Get in there!

John - you’re welcome. haha. no triple hash? #### maybe a quad?

Alex - thanks! Appreciate it. hell of a trip indeed! you’re probably getting ready to put those skies back on soon man. crazy how fast summer goes.

Zambo - haha, TR’s and laughs are easy when you spend 4 days the way we did. I was by myself at the time, but I’m pretty sure I had huge grin on my face when that 1st raindrop hit me as I opened the jeep door at Molas. You called it. No Name ’16, you bet amigo.

Matt - thanks! doesn’t really get much better than the Wemi. Looks like I have a 1/2 report to read in the AM. That one was one of my favorites last summer. Well done.

Trinities traverse
09/03/2015 20:27
there sure is. We didn’t find it either last time Trinities are awesome peaks, those gullies up high are really fun. Oh, and good luck in NoName next year. You won’t be disappointed. Good thing you’ve already started training with the extra credit Molas pass approach - big J approach is long.

I can’t...
09/03/2015 21:47
think to a more eloquent tribute to this adventure other than...bad@ass! What a treat!

Real Men...
09/06/2015 10:58
...pack in from Molas instead of taking the train, right? That’s a beautiful area. I could spend the rest of my life in the Weminuche and never get tired of it. Nice photos of some nice climbs. Glad the Vestal Creek weather cooperated for you this summer better than it did for me in 2014.

thanks II
09/07/2015 10:45
Raj – eloquent, haha. thanks man!

Eddie – my thoughts exactly on the train Thanks for the PM’s and the info. Much appreciated! I think we both agree the Wemi will never get old. Hopefully we can run into each other again in there!

09/08/2015 08:50
Nice climb! I did the Chicago Basin this weekend and just kept staring at those peaks. Definitely on my list for 2016 if I can find some partners crazy enough. Your pictures are phenomenal, especially that one of Wham Ridge.

09/12/2015 08:45
Thanks Michael! It’s really hard to take a crappy pic in the Wemi though man. Nice work over there in Chicago. Some great weather we had, eh? Definitely put this one on your ’16 list. I bet you’re ready to put those skies back on soon!

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