Peak(s):  Mt. Sherman  -  14,043 feet
Gemini Peak  -  13,951 feet
Dyer Mountain  -  13,855 feet
Date Posted:  10/18/2021
Date Climbed:   10/17/2021
Author:  RyanOhNoPleaseStop
 Sherman in the shoulder season   

I was originally going for something like this: Mt. Sherman Trip Report 07/08/2019 | but i was coming off a 60 hour work week being a tree worker and i got pretty tired after Dyer so i didnt push on after i got back to the Sherman/Sheridan saddle.

  • Start Time (started at gate): ~7:00 (i forgot to record the start/whole hike on strava)
  • Sherman Summit: 8:40
  • Gemini Summit: 9:53 (took the scenic trip over the humps on the left first)
  • Dyer: 11:18
  • Sherman (on the way back): 12:54
  • Time at gate: 2:25
  • Time at car (parked two miles down the road from the gate: 3:04

I drove up Saturday evening from Fort Collins and found my parking space about two miles from the gate. I wanted to go further but it was midnight and a steep rocky patch of rode was covered in ice for about 30 feet and I just couldn't get my civic past it. Rest of the road wasn't an issue though, the civic handled it like a beast B-)

In the morning i threw up my thumb and a guy named Dan (if i got it wrong im so sorry, it takes me a month to learn a name) gave me a lift from my car to the gate at 12,000ft. He was driving a Tacoma so the little ice patch wasn't an issue for him. This dude was pretty great, i told him this was my first snowy 14er then he gave me a donut and talked about his experience on the way to the trail head. 5 Stars!

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I started hiking around 7am i believe but i was a bit distracted by my stupid mistake of leaving my sunglasses behind at my car. The first few hundred yards of the trail had patches of ice from melting snow but nothing long enough where i would've thought to grab my micro spikes out. There wasnt any other ice on the trail except for this point. Further up the trail after the mining structures the first snow was on trail. This snow was consolidated enough where gators and traction werent necessary. Snow was like this the rest of the way up to the summit. Almost all of the ridgeline had snow on it but no traction was needed thanks to the freezing temps.

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From the summit of Sherman i proceeded to Gemini. Snow was pretty easy to avoid, but where i couldnt avoid it every step was a coin flip between not breaking through it and post holing to my knee. Gemini peak was a fun scramble, idk what its rating is. doable. idk the rating system is weird and seems very subjective until class 5. Regardless, its a 100ft push basically. EZ plateau.

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From the Gemini summit I heavily debated continuing my hike. Looking over at all the snow, my unprotected eyes squinted with fear. Also the ridgeline had a healthy amount of fresh snow on it and one track going across. On the downclimb from gemini i decided to go for it and if i got scetched out i would turn around. Well a very fast guy passed me up and took the lead. So i just followed him from an increasing distance all the way to the top of dyer. On the way back he stayed on the ridgeline for more rocks and less snow and i went further south to avoid snow completely. The Dyer/Gemini ridgeline was the only part of the trail that would have warranted gators. But no part of the hike seemed like it required gators or traction. Conditions happened to be good for me that day.

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From Dyer i returned the way i came and left the trail at the Sherman/Sheridan saddle. At the time i got there i was pretty tired. Not gonna lie, sometimes i get upset that my job affects my weekend life. 21452_1321452_1621452_17

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21452_2021452_2121452_2221452_23One day im going to make the wrong native mad with this bumper sticker.

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Comments or Questions
Great Pics!
10/19/2021 08:56
I hiked Sherman a month ago, man wish I would have been able to hike this last weekend! Nice shots! Snowliage does not suck!

10/19/2021 10:10
The bumper sticker/license plate dichotomy


10/19/2021 20:03
@Barnold41 the bumper sticker is coming off once the Colorado plates come in. You either die the hero, or live long enough to become the villain.

@Ritzn1 Thanks! All photos taken with Samsung S21 B-)

Which TH
10/21/2021 07:17
Hey there- we‘re you able to get all the way to the summer TH or did you hike from winter TH?

Same route
08/01/2022 08:59
I plan to do those three, but can you estimate the mileage between peaks? I've been up Sherman twice already. Thanks!

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