Peak(s):  Kendall Mtn - 13,340 feet
Kendall Pk - 13,451 feet
Date Posted:  05/16/2022
Date Climbed:   05/13/2022
Author:  WildWanderer
 From Kendall Gulch   

Kendall Mountain – 13,353


RT Length: 6.19 miles

Elevation Gain: 2742’

Let me begin by saying Kendall Mountain was not my first intended peak of the day, so my stats and topo map are a little off. I made it to the Kendall Gulch parking area the night before, and slept at 11460’.


The next morning I rose late, and was on the trail after the sun had risen, at 6am. The road was easy to follow, and clear of snow the first half of the way.


I was originally headed toward Kendall Peak; specifically, the gully



Here are some pictures of the way to the gully… I just followed the road to a mine


Once at the base, the route looked simple enough: I just needed to get up the gully to the ridge, and take the ridge to the summit



I’m really embarrassed to say this, but I wasn’t able to get up the gully. I made it about half way, and it became too steep. This was worse than kitty litter over rocks. It was talus that gave way to rockslides, and tiny pebbles over rock. Even with microspikes on, I couldn’t get traction, and kept slipping and falling down. It’s a lot steeper than it looks. I tried several different routes, but was unable to gain traction on any of them. After my fourth or fifth attempt, I started thinking to myself - who wasn’t wearing a helmet – “This isn’t the way I want to die.” While I might have been able to make it up (doubtful) going down was going to be worse. I made the decision to come back in the winter and try this as a snow climb, which should provide more traction. This was a difficult decision to make, but I knew it was the correct one.



So, I backtracked, and tackled Kendall Mountain. I hiked back to a junction in the road, at 12.265’.


From the junction, I headed up to PT 12660



From PT 12660 I turned right and followed the ridge northeast towards Kendall Mountain.


Here’s the route I took to the summit (solid line) and back down (dotted line). You could go up the way I descended, but it would be steep.


Here are some close-ups of the route to Kendall Mountain




The tundra gave way to small rocks toward the top


I summited Kendall Mountain at 9:20am



Kendall Mountain:

From the summit, when I looked southwest I could see my truck (circled)


I aimed for it, and the road below. It’s important to head southwest, because the terrain cliffs out if you head directly south or southeast. This was steep, but it was easy to gain traction.




I made it back to the road, and followed it to my truck.


Here’s a topo map of the haphazard route I took.


On to the next trailhead!

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Comments or Questions
Deer Park
05/16/2022 18:01
Deer Park is a much better route for the Peak. A pleasant walk for the most part.

Next time
05/16/2022 18:29
I was thinking about linking it up with Mountaineer, but the roads to Deer Park weren't clear yet of snow. I'll probably try it again later in the summer

The return
05/16/2022 18:49
Glad to see you're back in action. You've been quiet.
Not glad to see such lack of snow down there.

Kendall BM
05/16/2022 21:21
Isn't it considered ranked now? Wow, it must have been a nasty scree gully.

Kendall Benchmark Number 2
05/16/2022 21:36
Kendall Benchmark Number 2 is actually ranked per LiDAR, so not quite done with this trailhead, just FYI.

And yea, the Kendall Peak ascent gully is pretty awful. I went up it in the summer and continued on to the rest of the Kendall massif peaks, but there's no way in hell I'd go down it. It actually got steep enough on the upper third to half that I found a sharp rock to use as a makeshift dagger to dig into the slope with and use as a handhold. It was not fun and I don't recommend it unless you're hellbent on doing every peak in the Kendall massif in a day.

If you have the time and energy when you go back for the rest, do 12,936 on the south side of Whitehead Gulch (south of 13,109), it has perhaps the best Vestal Basin and Weminuche views of any peak I've ever done (and yes, it's ranked).

Good Info!
05/17/2022 05:55
I'm working off maps I put together last year, so I wasn't aware Kendall Benchmark was now ranked. No worries though, as I loved the area, and I'll be back for a few more peaks anyway

Very nice
05/17/2022 08:06
I hiked the BM & Mtn just a few days before you, and I‘m glad I left the peak alone after reading your report. From a distance, that gully looked no good.

I‘ve read a report that the peak can be done via the highland Mary lakes TH, perhaps that‘s a good way for it as well

05/17/2022 10:21
Great to see you back in action, Laura!

I'm curious what the road was like to Kendall Gulch/Deer Park. I haven't seen much info on it, but your photos make it look like a mostly smooth dirt and rock road. Any obstacles of note, or is it probably Subaruable?

05/17/2022 10:32
The road to Kendall Gulch was easy 4WD. Absolutely Subaruable. It was wide enough to pass others until just before where I parked. The road to Deer Park hadn't yet dried out at the turnoff: There was still snow on the road and it was wet and muddy. The creek was raging. I didn't even attempt it. Maybe in a few more weeks.

05/17/2022 20:42
Wow! Where is all the snow? That gully is no joke. I tackled it last year and had to use some "butt friction" on the way down.

Deer Park Road
05/23/2022 22:05
Deer park road is subaruable, not any crazy clearance required, gets narrow immediately after the turn off from the main road with no room to turn for a little if a vehicle is encountered, it does get muddy after moisture though so I wouldn't take something with bland tires up there. Heads up- There is a shepherd's camp up there and depending on the time of the year sheep and the guard dogs, there have been a few complaints of the guard dogs that were there being aggressive a couple of years back from the locals although I am not sure if they have since been changed/trained better to respond to the commands.

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