Peak(s):  Mosquito Pk  -  13,781 feet
Kuss Pk  -  13,548 feet
London Mtn  -  13,194 feet
Treasurevault Mtn  -  13,701 feet
Tweto, Mt  -  13,672 feet
Date Posted:  06/10/2022
Modified:  06/11/2022
Date Climbed:   06/10/2022
Author:  frigidridge
 Mosquito Cirque +   

Total stats: ~11.5miles, 3.8K vert.

Greatly enjoyed this loop. The challenge of this hike can be increased or decreased by adding or removing summits. There are no very steep or loose sections, and the end trail back to the trailhead is nice, gradual and short. Pretty much at any given moment you are maybe 1.5hrs from your car provided you make it to the trailhead, and there are at least 3 convenient areas throughout the loop to bail off of. After you finish the up and down intervals of Kuss, Mosquito, and Treasurevault you get a long, flat respite to coast on or do a bit of trail running before you decide to descend or hit another peak.

I highly recommend attempting to hit Arkansas from Tweto if you're up for one more.

I'm aspiring to do some longer peak-to-peak hikes this summer, so now that the summer conditions are pretty much here I wanted to test what I could do and practice pacing and taking care of myself so as to not burn out. I decided to hit London first even though I had bagged it before for the extra stats. London does offer some fun light scrambling if one is so inclined. She really thinks she's high-larious with all of those false summits. I had a bit of a coughing fit after summiting; Last year I realized I may have exercise induced asthma so I got an inhaler to use as needed, so taking a puff took care of that.

After skipping down London I had to slow way down on Kuss's annoying little steepness but I was good about trying to maintain pace and keeping my burn aerobic. There was only 1 or 2 swaths of snow to swim through on the way up. The top of Kuss is ugly but I picked the least windy side of the building to re-sunscreen, hydrate, stretch, brunch, blah blah blah.

I stayed on the ridgeline "trail" down Kuss's north face, but for future reference the road going down parallel to the west intersects at the saddle anyway if you'd rather not do the ankle training. I took a line up Mosquito that pretty much avoided any snow.

Mosquito Peak from Kuss

Treasurevault was easier than it looked from Mosquito.

Treasurevault from Mosquito.

I did a bit of trailrunning on the flat ridgeline after treasurevault. Giddy with how good I was feeling I even decided to hit the little bumps that protrude into the basin before heading back to the main ridgeline to go up Tweto.

Looking at Tweto on the right, and Arkansas on the left. The only part I was questioning without reading any beta was that initial steepness after the saddle.

At this point I had been eyeing Arkansas. I wasn't really planning on going up it so I didn't read any beta. It looked like there were some maybe iffy sections just after the saddle, but maybe I can go check it out after Tweto. Alas, as I started up Tweto I realized I had spent the last of my leg juice and I went slower up Tweto than anything else, or at least it felt like that. I wanted to do another something this weekend so I didn't want to totally destroy myself. I looked today and you can definitely hit Arkansas from Tweto, so I'd really recommend it. Maybe if I had eaten another bar, or hadn't spend my legs on London I could have gotten Arkansas today.

Arkansas from the Summit of Tweto.
Buckskin from the summit of Tweto

I took a long break on Tweto before skipping down to the car. I practically used up all the remaining storage on my phone's camera trying to catch good pictures of a very not shy and very cute summit hamster. (it was tempting, but I did not feed it).

Just begging for some chocolaty bar.

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Comments or Questions
Nice report!
06/11/2022 17:32
I think we crossed paths on London mt, I was there yesterday too doing the loop. And I think we were the only two people on those mountains :-). It was a great day! I also found the slope up Kuss was the most time consuming. I had to skip Tweto, ran out of juice in my legs. You were fast and strong, well done!

phone .. camera charger
06/12/2022 20:41
I don't hike anywhere without a charger and appropriate cord anymore, sometimes a couple of them.

Thanks for the report. I still want to grab Kuss, Mosquito and Treasurvault some day.

06/20/2022 19:54
Your report piqued my interest and I did the loop today. It was a blast! All snow avoidable now. Great training hike!

Thanks Kitten
07/05/2022 14:48
And happy to share ncxhjhgvbi. Were you able to grab Arkansas from there by chance?

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