Peak(s):  Rosalie Peak  -  13,575 feet
Date Posted:  02/25/2011
Date Climbed:   02/19/2011
Author:  maverick_manley
 Rescue on Rosalie Peak

Comments or Questions
Brought a tear to my eye
02/25/2011 17:52
Amazing recount of the situation, Prakash. I'm VERY glad that BOTH of you made it out!

Choked up here
02/25/2011 18:39
You are amazing Prakash, as is Alyson! Hope your body is feeling well and that Alyson makes a speedy recovery (thanks to you!). Looks like she was coming straight down the south face - would've been some good ski lines.
Prayers to you both
grace & peace

Brought a tear to my eye as well...
02/25/2011 18:51
Amazing... Simply amazing...

Thank you
02/25/2011 20:31
Thank you for sharing the details of the rescue. I am astonished by both your faithfulness to a friend and Alyson's strong will. You are what defines a hero, and I hope many of us will learn a thing or two from your report in the event we're someday faced with a similar situation. Here's wishing Alyson a speedy recovery.

Out of curiousity, did JB stay dug into the snow the entire time and descend with you and the rescuers ? Dogs have such an amazing sense - my lab always knows when something just isn't right.

02/25/2011 23:35
I'm a dentist and I just made all my patients wait 20 minutes while I read this! I've got to get back to work but this story was incredible to read. Great job Prakesh.

Ridge runner
tomato and raisins??
02/26/2011 02:53
Seriously? Then again I shouldn't expect anything less from someone who can eat cold Mountain House meals in the middle of the night!

Thank you for sharing your story, Prakash and Alyson. It's one thing to hear about rescues like this happening to people I don't really know, but to happen to two great friends and hiking partners brings it to another level. I am SO thankful that it turned out as well as it did. The human spirit tends to be the strongest when we are at our weakest, and you definitely showed that up there. I pray you both have a full and quick recovery.

Great write up my friend
02/26/2011 19:41
Great account and writing of your events. Alyson is truly a lucky person in deed. Someone was defintely looking over all of you for sure......Thanks for the account...


Thanks for your kind comments...
02/26/2011 22:02
I've been telling a few friends this... I felt so grateful to have had the opportunity to help a cool person like Alyson. The fact that she managed to stay strong and truck through that mess was such a huge gift. We feel so incredibly lucky that our efforts were rewarded... there have been so many these past few years who cannot claim the same. I included updates on JB... realized I'd forgotten to mention that he got out safely as well. I took him down with me once we got to the road.

P.S.: That tomato jam is good stuff... Steph you don't know what you're missing. You should try some... ”...all your wildest dreams might come true” (vote for Pedro).

That's impressive Prakash -
02/27/2011 03:11
- both you and Alyson. I hope she's doing well. She is truly lucky to have a companion like you.

Being one who appreciates irony - I couldn't help noticing that the first sentence in the paragraph you described as ”opinion” described the most objectively important thing you and she did all day/night: stay positive!

And regarding ”tomato jam with raisins and cardamom”: Dude, that's CHUTNEY, it is food of the gods!

03/04/2011 17:00
Good job guys.

you guys rock!
03/04/2011 21:58
Thank God you both made it. Excellent job. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank goodness for the volunteers of ...
03/21/2011 23:02
Search and Rescue!!!

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