14ers.com is a FREE site that's visited by thousands of people each day, requiring large, dedicated web servers to keep things running. This costs money. Since the mission of 14ers.com is to provide free information without membership fees, I've had to find ways to pay for the site, without cluttering it with advertisements. Through the support methods below, you've helped me pay for the site each of the last 14 years.
Thank you for your support!  - Bill Middlebrook, 14ers.com

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Ordering Gear from Online Retailers

14ers.com has affiliate relationships with the following gear retailers and if you order gear from them, 14ers.com gets a small commission. All you have to do is click on one of the following links before heading over to make an online purchase at the retail site. A "cookie" will then be stored on your computer so the retailer knows you're coming from 14ers.com and if you make a purchase, 14ers.com receives a small commission.


A small donation to support the site is greatly appreciated but please do not ever feel obligated to donate to the site. Thank you for the support and I hope you had a safe, fun 2021 hiking season.

2021 Status

The Y-T-D combination of shirt sales, donations, affiliate proceeds, and overflow from 2020 have covered 45.66% of the 2021 annual 14ers.com site expenses.
14ers.com Store: 19.04%  
Gear Links: 4.46%  
Donations: 12.62%  
From prior year: 9.54%  

Thank you! You keep this site going and growing.